Burnout Paradise: New Gameplay & Features

Learn about the new features going into this overhauled and enhanced addition to the Burnout series. Click the link for HD version.

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MK_Red3969d ago

I wish they show a trailer of new Crash mode and a full race with lots of take downs (Road Rage anyone?).
Cant wait for this game but I hope they dont push before its ready.

LSDARBY3969d ago

Doesnt look any better that revenge tbh. Crashes look a lil better tho.

TheMART-sucksdick3969d ago

Is da man.... Pure ps3 fanboy. woop this game will rule online.

Bloodmask3969d ago

bc EA is average. Same rehashes every year. No matter what system it is on.

No flame I've just grown tired of EA.

MK_Red3968d ago

While I agree about EA and their games, Burnout is a Criterion game and just look at previous Burnouts, both Burnout 3 and Burnout Revenge won the racing of the year awards and scored above 9/10 (B3 got 9.5 from GameSpot and Revenge got 9.1) and Burnout Dominator was made by EA LA not the main Criterion team and Alex Ward, the big guy behind both Burnout and Black, was working on Paradise not Dominator. Also, the core team has worked more than 2 years on Paradise and with the game coming this winter, it will near 3 years which is too long for a usual EA product and meaning that the team cares for games. (B3 was the GOTY from OPM and in MetaCritic site, B3 is among top 15 highest ranked games of both PS2 and Xbox).

Sorry for my long post by I have every possible amount of faith in Paradies and will defent it until I see final product.

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