X3F interview: 4 minutes in the dark with Peter Moore

On the second night of E3, Xbox360Fanboy stepped into a large, dimly lit room filled with tables -- 8 tables to be exact. At each table sat important folk from the ranks of Microsoft. Bungie's Frank O'Connor, Peter Molyneux: there's some big names in this room (we'll have more on them soon). Sitting in front of X3F is Peter Moore, VP of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division -- i.e. Xbox. On the right hand side of the room is large LED chess clock. We have four minutes. That's it. The clock starts and we ask him the first thing we can think to ask. There is only four minutes here, so there's no point in being coy.

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Peter is just a class act everytime he speaks. Wow, I can't believe how courteous he is to his competitors, even when Sony exec's have said the stupidist $hit in the press lately. Flaming Fanboys like the GENERAL on this site could learn alot from Peter.

Bloodmask3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Lol. about the GENERAL. Every time I read his posts he is asking for Bubbles. He says he deserves them bc of what Sony fans have gone through. He acts like he was in Vietnam and had Agent Orange dropped on him, and is now being terrorized in his sleep from flashbacks.

I agree Peter Moore displays qualities that someone representing a huge corporation should have.

Once again nice job Peter Moore.

THAMMER13938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

On topic:
Peter more is good. He could sell stink to a turd. On top of that A+ class.

Eagle Eye3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Yeah I have yet to read one bad thing that Peter Moore said. I would say out of all the exec's he's probaly one of the few I respect. I hate to say it but a few of Sony execs have been saying, lets say less then nice things lately. Not trying to start anything, you can just tell that by reading the news the last few days on this website.