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RememberThe3572751d ago

I can't wait to see how it's received. Hope all goes well.

N4GAddict2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

October seems like the perfect month. Plenty of time to build up hype for the holidays.

Bigpappy2751d ago

That is when holiday shopping really takes off in U.S. I suppect they will have Natal kiosk in stores early october and on shelves later that month.

bootsielon2751d ago

Yep, just in time for holidays... do they have holidays by then in Saudi Arabia?

How ironic to see Israeli technology in arab soil.

Blaze9292751d ago

Cool. Can't wait to see what is offered.

Parapraxis2751d ago

Only 4 1/2 months left for the hardcore gamers =(

I kid, I kid.

BkaY2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

same goes with move ...... "OUCH" .. (just referring to hardcore game part)

why dont we wait and see what will be the outcome..
its too early to bash...


IdleLeeSiuLung2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Can't wait to try it out myself!!! Let's hope it is $50.

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LordMarius2751d ago

And so the next battle stage begins to unfold

Parapraxis2751d ago

Hmm...can battles be won with marketing alone?

foxxy2751d ago

Name is terrible really.

Blaze9292751d ago

It's just the prototype name. Major Nelson said they have a few in consideration to be the final name.

Silentmerc3nary2751d ago

I sort of like the name. But really, I think it's too late to change the name. I mnean, Everyone knows it as "Project Natal"; calling it something else will be just..weird. IMO

Fanb0y2751d ago

Too true. It's been on NATIONAL TELEVISION as NATAL! That thing will need a LOT of marketing to clear the word Natal out of our heads (or at least, for informed gamers) and replace it with something else.

Microsoft Vision Camera anyone?

talltony2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Be honest.

I mean I want it to be successful but I can only imagine casual gamers loving it.

Slappy McGee2751d ago

The whole motion control thing never appealed to me anyway.

ManGastaS2751d ago

what are you doing here?!

Slappy McGee2751d ago

Just because i don't like something it doesn't mean i can't read about how it's going to have an effect on the industry and possibly influence my future purchases.

Christopher2751d ago

Not yet. Might change if they show something worthwhile at E3.

talltony2751d ago

They better show a hardcore natal game at e3. Until then I am not sold.

feelintheflow2751d ago

I am hoping that the user interface will allow custom playlists/custom netflix playlists. So when you walk into the room, and tell it to turn on and load up netflix it will recognize my face and my favorites will pop up. I also am looking forward to playing party games with it. As far as hardcore games, maybe voice recognition and some gestures will do, but I still prefer the controller for most games. maybe a freethrow motion for nba live games or something. Its the possibilities that has me hyped, just like with move I am looking forward to some aspects of it.

PandemicPrawn02751d ago

I’m also interested in what Natal could do outside of the games space.

I wonder if Microsoft could possibly build a web browser interface around it.
The voice command aspect of it is also exiting. I can imagine games for the next gen full of NPC interactions like the Milo demo at last years E3.

But as it stands I don’t expect too much from Natal at launch. Mostly casual games to introduce the tech to the masses.

IdleLeeSiuLung2751d ago

A full body tracked fighting game would be really neat! I'm almost certain they got something like that going on. I loved Punch Out on the Wii...

With that said, some user interface lift using the Natal would be pretty sweet as well. No need to go look for the controller I just misplaced!

Fanb0y2751d ago

Minority report dashboard and I'm sold.

I'm guessing I'm not alone here.

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Bluemaster772751d ago

Nice im actually excited to see what they bring

BkaY2751d ago

what i want to see is .... the main xmb works with natal.. like when you turn your system on ... it scan you face or retina or voice recognition to sign you in and then browse through the xmb with your hands like "minority report"

tht would be really kool.


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