Southern Europe is Sony's Land

Only in three months since it was launched, PLAYSTATION 3 has became the preferred entertainment system by surpassing 216.000 units in Iberia (NdT: Spain+Portugal), being 194.000 of those systems sold in Spain", said James Armstrong, Senior Vice president of Southern Europe and managing director of SCEE. According Armstrong, "In this period, PLAYSTATION 3 has surpassed already X360 sales, which launched back in 2005, and it's tied with Wii, which launched in december of 2006, with a substantially lesser price". And he adds: "That sales figures make PLAYSTATION 3 the platform with faster market penetration ever

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lint licker4026d ago

Since the xbox is selling better in europe as a whole lets do a story on the one part where it is not. And of course N4G will approve it.

outlawauron4026d ago

Other than the UK, the PS3 outsells the 360 in Europe.

4025d ago
jromao4025d ago

360 only sells in rich countries where gamers have enough money to spend in toys, apart from that people use to buy the best quality for a little more $$, and who wants to buy a defective box for $100 less ?

Loudninja4026d ago

All i seen is PS3 doing well in place in the PAL regions

TheMART4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Too bad Northern Europe the average income is higher and UK is selling most consoles... And WAS a playstation nation, but now sells more 360's then PS3's.

Overal, in Europe the 360 is selling better then the PS3. World wide the 360 outsells the PS3 by a margin of 2. Funny though how Sony fandroids keep picking out minor markets to get some kind of succes stories out

Those below

Search it up dudes. In the UK, the average week sellings:

360 7-8k a week
PS3 5k a week

World wide:

360 400k
PS3 200k

Just go look it up. South of Europe may sell some PS3's, but overall the gap on the total units sold on both is widening. And I thought the PS3 would catch up?!

techie4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

"in Europe the 360 is selling better then the PS3" - as you well know, you have 0 proof of that. All you have is the number 1million ps3's sold in Europe since March 2007 (4months), and the number 1.95 million Xbox360's sold in Europe in the whole of 2006 (obv. 12 months).

Of course there has been growth this year, so those are the best numbers I can provide - but you have NO numbers to support what you said.

masterg4026d ago

Please stop embarrassing the rest of us Europeans with your made up facts.
It's getting on my nerves.

rev204026d ago

That was impressive if it wasnt for the fact the console has been out for a year longer then the ps3, is cheaper then the ps3 currently and had a year to establish a large selection of games

With all those things init's favour only to be selling 2:1 in there favour is not as great as it sounds i would expect alot bigger ^^

TriggerHappy4026d ago

Where ya been Marty ? I've been looking for you all week ? Have you seen the killzone 2 gameplay trailer. I have been waiting around to see what you think .

crck4026d ago

Have any? Or just talking out of your a**?

pwnsause4026d ago

oh snap, its themart, how does your @sshole feel after you seen the Killzone 2 trailer, i mean,you guys said that the game will look like 5hit no matter what lol it looks like your back, welcome home, btw weres bill???

TheMART-sucksdick4026d ago

Sorry mate. you lose.

I'm doing harrison hahahahahahahahahaha.

Ghoul4026d ago

I was a wee bit bored the last hour and cheked your latest threads.

Jeez dude what up with you and you personal vendetta on sony ??
did they kill your boy, taken your wife ????

whats wrong with you beein so mad about a COMPANY that makes videogames to enjoy us people, dude heck your mental status more often,
get a job a girl do something at least.

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Loudninja4026d ago

Same thing in every numbers topic

funkysolo4026d ago

I'm pretty sure the PS3 will be on top with the price drop.

crck4026d ago

Trenton said ps3 sales have doubled since the drop. They were selling about 80k + units the last 2 months. The wii sells between 300k and 350k a month. But it would be great if it happened.

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