Hands-On: God of War

"The highest compliment I can give this," said a friend of as he hovered over them, watching them play God of War: Chains of Olympus on PSP, "is that it's God of War on PSP." It's a simple enough compliment, but it's true: picking up this game for the first time, it all feels natural. The high-tension combat, the surprising mid-action cinematic moments, the button-pounding minigames... this isn't some God of War knockoff, this is the real deal.

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Lord Anubis3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

nice, I'll be getting my God of war chains of olympus demo anytime now.

Maddens Raiders3997d ago

... -- "this isn't some God of War knockoff, this is the real deal." --

risk3997d ago

maybe they should reveal a god of war psp combo soo pick a psp up then XD

TheMART3997d ago

The new PSP with high def output, this game, you can hook it up to your TV and get PS2 kind of quality output.

So if you didn't have the PS2 yet with God of War 1 and/or 2, get the new PSP and this game.

Now Sony, this is worth buying!

lil bush3997d ago

i plan on getting the new psp, with star wars battlefront and god of war

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