Gladriel | Alan Wake Review


"Alan Wake is an excellent, moody survival horror, with top-notch plot and a memorable hero. The graphics are a little old, and the gameplay gets somewhat repetitive towards the end. Nevertheless, all can be forgiven. It’s not the best Remedy can do (for instance, Max Payne was more of an accomplishment in its time), but it’s still darn close."

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Ru2937d ago

That was the Breast alan wake review yet!

Hotel_Moscow2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

she sounds so hot

but i do agree on her points

but saying it looks like an old xbox game or ps2 was just harsh

also id hit it apparently thats miss hungary 2007 oh well i would stil hit it

Ru2937d ago Show
clarkjudo2937d ago

No worries here. Remedy is setting up an update for that very thing with a DLC.

Arnon2937d ago

Agreed. I didn't really understand her view on the graphics. They look fantastic. The whole "It looks like a PS2 or Xbox game" made me lol.