Little Big Planet will have enemies at TGS

On the latest 1Up Yours, Shane revealed that at TGS, they will be showing ENEMIES for the first time! N'Gai Croal revealed another interesting can make the levels races, with ONLINE LEADER BOARDS posted for levels that you create! Not only that, you can assign a moving object (or maybe even an enemy) as the "finish line" in your level, so you could make a level where the end-goal is chasing something down! Amazing...

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iceice1233477d ago

"Amazing" at the end really needed? But this game would be my top reason to buy a PS3, then MGS4.

BlackIceJoe3477d ago

LBP keeps getting better and better. I like seeing little features like these being added. LBP should be one great game when it comes out. I can't wait to play this game. Plus may be at TGS we will be able to find out when LBP will finally come out.

Wolfgang1873477d ago

All i need to know now is if i can make guns. if so the 1st levels i make will be contra remakes.

ReconHope3477d ago

if u could make a contra remake, i would definitely play your level.

fenderputty3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

a contra level played with bean sack guys in jump suits.

I've alread got ideas for levels too. With the PSeye, one can take pictures and use those as stickers for your level. Build a level of your house. Paste your GF's face on the PSN. Build a level paying tribute to mario, zelda, snake, cloud or whoever. The possibilities are endless. Did anyone see how they made that see-saw in the create demo of E3. This game looks freaking sweet. I can't wait to get my hands on the games coming out. Starting with Lair.

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The story is too old to be commented.