Is Toshiba Giving Away The Razor To Get You To Buy The Blades?

Rumors of the high definition holy grail persist. The latest is that Toshiba will be offering their basic HD-A2 player at $99 for one week only, beginning July 22. An added bonus is three free HD-DVD's.

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Bloodmask3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

for increasing the install base. Toshiba can recoup their losses through HDDVD sales.

This business model is no different than the one used on video game hardware.

The cheapest Bluray player is $500. At $99 HDDVD players would be at a price comparable to DVD9 players, consumers would be crazy to pass up this deal.

It could make HDDVD sales see a big spike.

Also Known As3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )


First the ps3 died (thanks to the $100 360 price drop) and now
bluray will die as well. Never mind the stubborn playstation devotees below us just have pitty for them cause they are suffering from a severe case of denial.

ITR3993d ago

Actually thats not cost.
At least not for my company.

For reference our company cost for the A20(the better version with 1080p) is $119 bucks.
It retails for $399 bucks.

We currently pay just over $87 bucks for the A2. It sells for $299, but we include shipping in that price and 5 free movies coupon.

Bloodmask3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

know the actual cost ITR. So thanks. That is even better if they are selling them at around cost.

Not any losses. Just the profits of HDDVD dales.
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PS. Does anyone know how the hec you get your C-Rank up on this site. I counted and I have submitted 66 stories and 60 were approved and C-Rank went down to 4.

Only 6 stories not approved.... :(

Covenant3993d ago

Brilliant? (Recoup loss through HD-DVD sales, gain market share)

Or desperate? (Last gasp?)

We'll see.

P.S. How about dropping the 360 HD drive to $99? That would also impact sales.

bIadestar3993d ago

Sweet although im an ps3/blue-ray user i cant say no to this cheapass deal might as well ^^

BIadestarX3992d ago

It would be nice if you make your own unique name.. so you don't have to keep using mine...

BBsin3993d ago

sales spike vs sales spike. has that PS3 for 499 that includes the bluray remote and extra Bluray movie along with the 5 mail in Bluray movies. That is sure to draw a spike, this is a move to try and counter that. What they sould have done was reduce the 360 hddvd add-on also. But it's not good for toshiba to do this, since all of the other HD-DVD manufacturers have to drop their price inorder to keep their players in the same catagory as toshiba's.

Skynetone3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

A Failed format would go nicely beside your broken xbox

but seriously aint competition great

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