Five E3 2010 Games Sony Fans Would DIE For

Alright Sony, listen up and listen good. Gamers all over the world have been patient with you. Five years have passed and you've given us some absolutely incredible games: the glorious Uncharted series, the brutal Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm and Demon Soul's to name a few. We love them and will continue to shell out sixty bucks a pop for them, but to be honest, well, we believe you've got a few cards you're playing close to the chest -- cards which you need to throw down two months from now in Los Angeles. We here at are not jaded, nor unrealistic; what we are, however, is confident that the following iterations of these five exclusive IP's would reap dividends, and more importantly, make us the happiest console owners on the planet earth. These are the five titles you MUST present at E3 2010!

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Blaze9293112d ago

Twisted Metal. 'nuff said

Noctis Aftermath3112d ago

More high quality RPGs are enough for me.

Redrum0593112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

demonsouls is like the "ONLY" game this generation where newbs can't exist, only game on all 3 consoles.
A sequal would be epic, and the online component in the game just genious, jump in the campaign and already only, so expect to get invaded by enemy players and get pwned.

Edit: oh yeah, and a remake of metalgear 1&2, hideo should do this b4 he retires. A Cell powered, bluray processed, stunning visuals of young Snake face to face with BigBoss on a PS3 in all it's glory... Just pure EPIC.

miyakoS3112d ago

noobs still exist in Demon Souls ^^

If you spend time as Black Phantom you know what I'm talking about.

People who fall off a cliff by themselves when they're rolling away ^^

Reibooi3111d ago

First off Dying for a game is retarded because then you can't play it.

That said the only game I would (Insert similar extreme situation here) for would be Persona 5. I would like to see some other games but most of them are more then likely a matter of when not if.

The only one on this list that really interests me is Jet Moto. That game in full HD with stunning graphics would be crazy. However the rest I don't care about(Legend of Dragoon) or are gonna get a HD version sooner or later(Syphon Filter/Starhawk/Jak and Daxter)

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WildArmed3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Loved that game/franchise on PSX.

Ofc, I'm always up for great RPGs like Persona 5 and Legend of Draggon

sikbeta3112d ago

Twisted Metal PS3
Syphon Filter PS3
The Getaway PS3

SaberEdge3112d ago

Yeah, a new Twisted Metal would be awesome. I'll cross my fingers.

However, I'm not really clamoring for any of the games on their list, except for maybe a new Jak and Daxter. But even then, I would still rather see Naughty Dog working on another iteration of the Uncharted series over a new Jak and Daxter.

A new Twisted Metal and Killzone 3 would have to be two of the games I am most hoping for.

nycredude3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Five years? It hasn't even been 4 years yet!

I want Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3!

Agent and the next GOW game!

avengers19783112d ago

This article starts off showing just how little the author knows. Sony has only had 3 years with the PS3. If they meant more than just PS3 then your looking at 20 years.

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Brian52473112d ago

If they cleaned up the visuals I would be all over that.

Aphe3112d ago

What was wrong with the visuals? Considering how large the levels were I thought they did a fantastic job with it.

Chug3112d ago

I guess I was too engrossed into the game to realize.

Nicholas Cage3112d ago

demons souls is the best rpg i have ever played, "EVER"

dizzleK3111d ago

ds had great graphics and FROM's art designs are second to none. those monsters are like something out of hp lovecraft's fever dreams.

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WildArmed3112d ago

Yeah, I dont think I ever had any issues w/ the visuals.
Yes they aren't Uncharted/GOW3 style, but it's a much more open game than those.

As long as the game is good looking, i dont mind.
Because the grey and dark atmosphere works really well with the gameplay

halojunkie3112d ago

demons souls is EPIC to say the very least.

unrealgamer583112d ago

1 reason why articles like this gets hit

people are stupid

zootang3112d ago

People are stupid because most Playstation games people would die for???

WildArmed3112d ago

And you'd prefer articles with flamebait title get hits?

10 games that 360 owners can't have but want!

Sheesh, people still cry about everything on N4G

Christopher3112d ago

I wouldn't die for any of those.

MexicanAppleThief3112d ago

I want a Zombie FPS with a massive scale, so it can fully exploit Blu-ray.

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