Jack Tretton On Disappointment With Sony's VOD

Kotaku interviews Jack Tretton on disappointment with Sony's VOD.

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CyberSentinel3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Thank You for admitting it Jack!

Lemmings Are NOT Gamers, They Are Followers.

@1.1: Because you asked so nicely, your a lemming.
Happy now?

@1.2: Lame reply, you can do better then that.
I expected more from you, try again, lemming.

Reply to EDIT: That wasn't me who "disagreed" with you, so don't assume. Btw I do disagree with you, and will do so now.

@1.3: They say "Ignorance is bliss", you would know.

Reply to EDIT: You wanna talk about GT? Ok lets talk about GT. WHERE THE HELL IS GT? Will it be ANOTHER download only, so Sony can save more monies?
And whats up with the developers talking about no destructive models?
ps3 cant handel the physic's engine? Ram restrictions preventing real time damage? Too hard to code? WHAT THE HELL IS THE STORY SONY?!

Don't even speak the sacred name of Halo 3.
Your a lemming, you wouldn't understand.

GoW speaks for it self. look at the sales, look at KZ2, they were certainly inspired by it. (post apocalyptic futuristic warfare) Heck, you even bought it lemming.

@3: Kewl Icon Rambo. (for 1982)

@5: Launch day system with NO PROBLEMS whatsoever.
don't hate.

Reply to EDIT: And between now and then, I will have enjoyed MORE games then the PoS3 will have in its ENTIRE lifetime!!!

[email protected]

@6: "...which all here can agree with me.."
(3) disagrees, seems to me, not all agree with you.
Wanna make a bet that Halo 3 sells better then KZ2?
I didn't think so.

BaMYouRDeaD3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

CyberSentinel, could you find a new name besides lemmings for Sony Fanboys? That's all I hear in your posts: lemmings, lemmings, lemmings, lemmings, lemmings, lemmings, lemmings, lemmings, and more lemmings. Find a new word please. Thank you.

P.S. Watch, I bet he's gonna call ME a lemming now.


You really are a hopeless case Cyber. If anyone is a "lemming", it is you.

Kyur4ThePain3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

So I'll reply to your drivel.

You call yourself a gamer, right?
And the 360 is about games, right?
Then how come you care so much about VOD?

Did you hear what he said? He said yes, we have a problem, we are late in delivering that service and we are frustrated by that lack of our own focus. But we are working hard on it.

What dis MS say about the biggest issue with the 360? It's the customer's fault.

Sweet, dude.

Nice. So you sit there and wait for responses and when one slaps you in the face and wakes you up, all you can do is hit the disagree button?
Weak, my friend. Weak.

TheMART-sucksdick3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Because we trust sony!!! MS are liers and rip offs.

Sony - Great service, Great games, Great console.. Dont forget user friendly.

MS - Great games, BAD hardware, Bad Service... NOT WORTH IT. I found that out last week.

Edit: Ignorance is bliss, is that all you can say... yank? Oh wait lets say something here. The xbox 360 was some sort of amazing thing? Games console... no no no A bad atempt from Microshaft. YErr thats right.
Another great bunch of points -
Forza - Bad copy of Gran turismo, people say its realistic hahahahaha wheres the understeer, wheres the oversteer. 'Well its realistic because you can put vinyl on a car' hahahahaha ive heard that line from an xbot lol. Want a real sim play Gran turismo or RBR or GTR 1 or 2..... The games that started it all. ya?

Halo - Just a shooter.... BUT an xbot would say 'its the most amazing game ever bla bla f*cking bla. Piss off. I had more fun with the game Black on ps2. But then again it still looks like a ps2 game and still plays like one.

Gears of war - Why on earth was this so special??? anyBODY....... It looked dull, your team looked steroid addicts but xbots would say 'its the best looking game ever' hahahahahahaha are you DUMB!!!!!!! Jesus retards... motorstorm looks alot better and BTW i own a 360, have played gears, done a comparison on a 40 inch HDTV and motorstorm looks alot better. ya?

Sorry i'm going on abit... well i will lose bubbles '''''''''but i dont care''''''''(as jeremy clarkson would say) i'm off to play the sims 2... its a great game and it doesnt involve aliens or big men.


Any sony fans out there!!!! Give me a bubble plz.... i return all:p

Razzy3845d ago

I thought M$ fanboys were the lemmings. I guess I've been hanging out in the Gamespot system wars forums too long. There, Sony fanboys are known as cows, Ninty fans are sheep. Lol.

Alvadr3844d ago

Wow, im not even going to bother to read that manifestation of blind fanboyism

unbiased3844d ago

I will bet my PS3 to you 360 that Killzone 2 sells better then Halo3

loser must smash his system on youtube.

are you in cyber?

darx3844d ago

What exactly was it that you found out last week regarding MS?

If you are insinuating that you were an owner of a 360, I don't believe it.

Hayabusa 1173844d ago

Don't do it! You WILL lose I'm afraid...

Captain Tuttle3844d ago

I'm afraid your PS3 is doomed.

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paracardium3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

What's up with this guy here? Mom forget his meds today. Lemmings is pretty stupid also.

AnDy FrOm MiAmi3845d ago

Cyber sentinal microsoft doesnt deliver they cover up look at the rrod you retarded fanboy if anyone is a lemming that sir must be you!

Daxx3845d ago

What does VOD stand for again? Or is it just a name that has the word "video" mixed with the word "pod"?

sak5003845d ago

VOD is a disease what Sony has, called over promise, over hype and under deliver and brainwash 10-12 years to make them see KZ2 (which is washed out avg ps2 looking game) as Pixar quality gfx game with gameplay which has never ever been done before.

Stop posting Tretton's crap all over this site. His every sentence turns into a fu(king post. Damn u all fony retards.

Tabasco3845d ago

Shut Up! Daxx Asked a real question and wanted to be informed and once again you come trolling by and give some fanboy response. GIVE IT UP.

Bebedora3845d ago

To be a PS2 game, KZ2 had to excell PS2 version of KZ. Right? I think it does with bravour. You opp. may vary of course, but I digress that sentiment you have against KZ2. Why?

The number of things happening at once is just - zomg. When you consider the details, all physics and how many things are destructable...have you even concidered what CPU/GPU traffics that is needed here?? 1 of 3 xboxes would be in flames already (my belief).

Whatever is your have to take what's worth in a shooter, but don't digest that through anyone elses throat, mmkay?

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AnDy FrOm MiAmi3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Cyber sentinal thats the best you got you delusional fanboy lmfao why dont you stfu and go play with your xbox 180 oh i forgot it must be in repairs! XD


Doesnt matter it will be in repairs sooner or later remember its a time bomb tick tock tick tock tick tock BOOM! XD

Cyber you sure cause i dont see no amazing xbox 360 exclusives for 2008 that have been announce Key word: Amazing!

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