Halo Wars: GamesRadar Preview and Gameplay Video

GamesRadar updates their look at the prequel to the Halo series and gives a gameplay video taken from E3 at the end

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iceice1233872d ago

I'm still worried about the controls, though. They say the have something good but still...

candystop3872d ago

Yes it does look good and I'm sure since this is being built for 360 1st and not PC that the controls might just be good!

i Shank u3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

halo from a different persepctive looks awsome. 1 worry is that they're keeping the controls "simple"; i know i love to make groups, adjust formations, etc. so we'll have to see how that plays out. C&C 3 was alot better for 360 then i thought itd be, especially the mulitplayer; this game could be somethin special, and
if they bump the playable races up to 4( adding Flood and Forerunner), this game could be NASty

shotty3872d ago

Forerunners are humans but instead it would be nice if they could do human vs. covanent vs. flood vs. brutes

iceice1233872d ago

Is the first fights with the covenant, so I don't think there can be flood.

i Shank u3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

dude not cool lol, i hope your me about forerunners being human. i was hoping for some wise alien race, like a race of yodas or something. A brute race would be awsome, but if it's a prequel then the brutes havent split off with the prophets yet and it'd all be one Covenant.

@Icewake - In IGN's preview, or somewhere else, I read that it was confirmed around the middle or later part of the game The Flood has a part. It wasn't confirmed to be playable though, just that it plays a role.

xTCx Death3872d ago

not true in the Halo 3 ARG made it pretty clear Forerunners are not humans. but rather an earlier alien race that used earth to plant the Ark.

but i do hope that u can use the flood :P

i Shank u3872d ago

I just finished Halo: Ghost of onyx and in that, Onyx was a shield world. is that what Earth supposedly is, or is the Ark something diff? please help me up my Halo dork level lol