Tabula Rasa May Come to PS3

Richard Garriott "We're considering the PS3 version".

NC Soft announced a deal with Sony to bring games exclusively to the Playstation Network, and Tabula Rasa may end up being one of them. At the moment, they're just trying to get it finished and launched, but Richard Garriott (who gave the demo today in full Tabula Rasa uniform, beret and all) said that they'll consider porting it to the PS3.

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Mr_Kuwabara3902d ago

Might check it soon though.

MK_Red3902d ago

Its the MMO RPG from the creator of Ultima series (Richard Garriott aka Lord British).

apoc063902d ago

how does someone disagree with a fact?

MK_Red3901d ago

Good one & Thanks.
Seriously, the game is an MMO and is from the creator of Ultima, how could someone disagree with that?

lil bush3902d ago

i remember hearing about this game in the last e3

Odion3902d ago

ya its going to be ehhh, NC soft is not known for making good MMO's

MK_Red3902d ago

Are you kidding? NCsoft is the studio with most-acclaimed and most popular MMOs outside of WoW. Guild Wars, City of Heroes/Villains and many more are among its works and Garriott is the man behind first MMORPG: Ultima Online. This game has limitless potential and last E3 won the award of Best E3 MMO I think.

PlayStation3603901d ago

Tabula Rasa won the Player's Choice Award at E3 06.