Heavenly Sword: 2 New HD Gameplay Videos

Unmerciless Slaughter & Group Assault in HD from E3.

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sony fan3840d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

to bad there is nothing "new" about this game. We have seen it all before on ninja gaiden for the xbox. This is next gen, how about somthing that really is new?

LOL. You people are so easy. Every time I make you respond like this, I win.
Again, I have a PS3, with one game, for obvious reasons. All the rest are better on my 360.
All I have to say is something about a game and you people attack me personaly showing how pathetic you REAL FAN-GIRLS are you are so emotional attached to your machine you just go off every time. You guys are just too funny.
<Counter-act>, I know, that is half the joke, the other half is how these real fan-boys don't even realize the purpose of my retarded comments, It goes over there heads.

MK_Red3840d ago

Good post timmyp53 . Nuff said. I really cant wait for this game.

Violater3840d ago

You need to own an amazing console like the PS3 to play such an Amazing game like Heavenly Sword.
Go troll somewhere else before i rip out your soul you little sh!t.
Don't [email protected] with Heavenly Sword.

Razzy3840d ago

Well Sony fan, stick to your 360 and don't worry about Sony games. Hopefully Halo 3 won't crash your system when it's when released.

DiLeCtioN3840d ago

dont give a bad name to ps3 actually you're probably an xbot in disguise as a sony fan.

Counter_ACT3840d ago

This really is quite a different game to Ninja Gaiden. :/

lint licker3839d ago

This game might keep an 8 year olds attention for ten minutes, other than that it is just garbage. HACK, SLASH, HACK, SLASH, wow that was fun!! sure...

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techie3840d ago

This game is the pinnacle of next gen gaming for me. Fluid animation, Great draw distance, HDR lighting and 4xAA, amazing textures, 8xAF, 1000's of enemies, lengthy and compelling storyline, great acting...and above all it looks like a blast to play.

MK_Red3840d ago

Wow, I didnt know it had full AA and AF, thanks for the info. The game looks stunning and graphics both artistically and technically are beautiful. Cant wait.

techie3840d ago

It does and one of the few games to do so. It has one of the most beautiful lighting engines in a game - can't think of many games that might eclipse it - perhaps Killzone, or Uncharted.

Anyway Ninja Theory have done a lot of work to make it possible, have a wee read of this. http://realtimecollisiondet...

ALIEN3840d ago

WOW, just WOW. This game looks amazing, this is AAA tittle for sure.
Anybody who thinks this is like NINJA GAIDEN, keep dreaming n wait till GOD OF WAR 3, your jaw is going to drop.

Scions Wrath3840d ago

Completely blown away! Awesome post can't wait for Heavenly Sword!

candystop3840d ago

This was the one game I was looking forward to on Ps3! Now after watching timmy's video he posted something just doesn't seem right! For one it looks very very repetitive and the enemy ai just seems so last gen! Also the enemies look bad and they pop up out of nowhere which seems so old and unrealistic! Now her fighting is excellent and I love the lighting and 1st person view and all but the game still looks boring and stuck in between last gen and this gen! To be honest I expected a lot more out of this title but still think the story is pretty cool and the idea! For those that disagree with me fine go ahead but I'm only giving my honest opinion and thats it!

techie3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

that's because he gave a video of an old build with the AI turned down - jeez we've been through this. Watch videos of the new build please and read the previews from E3.

And Candy I really don't see how you can say it's repetitive...when you have two characters to play with completely diff gameplay - boss fights, terrain traversal, quick time events, lots of weapons, fighting one on one, groups and armies of thousands - I haven't seen a fighting game this varied....DMC and NG shoud shake in their boots if you think HS looks repetitive.

candystop3839d ago

Once again this is my opinion based on what I've seen so far! This game looks repetitive and very boring as far as the gameplay is concerned but visually it does look impressive in certain areas but also last gen in others!

techie3839d ago

u also should base ur opinion on previews dude. Not just on a couple of videos. Plus if you think this is repetitive then GOW, DMC and NG are downright boring.

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