Jack Tretton On SIXAXIS Rumble

Kotaku interviews Jack Tretton On SIXAXIS Rumble

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aiphanes3841d ago

We are getting rumble he did not say when but it is only a matter of time. TGS 2007 baby and we will find out then!

Get ready to touchsense rumble!!!

Salvadore3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Rumble is coming, just a matter of when.

timmyp533841d ago

nice interview on Jacks part.

omansteveo3841d ago

This is the same guy who said rumble wasnt needed and that it wasnt next-gen

pwnsause3841d ago

hey at least he and the others admited why rumble wasnt included on the sixaxis

BaMYouRDeaD3841d ago

Let's hope rumble comes by the time MGS4 and KZ2 come out. Resistance was great, but it felt a little empty without rumble. For me, rumble is necessary for a shooter, and if Sony wants KZ2 to be its Halo, then rumble is absolutely necessary.

If rumble does come back, however, Sony should replace all current SIXAXIS controllers out there for free, or for a 5-15 dollar charge, because I don't think many current PS3 owners will be happy if they need to pay 50-60 dollars for each new controller with rumble.

That would be a great PR move on Sony's part, but it would be VERY costly, so I doubt they'll do it.

Kyur4ThePain3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

What would they do with the millions of controllers that are returned?
No, forget about any exchange ideas.
What they COULD maybe do is to have the rumble out for say $25 for a limited time, giving current owners a chance to get the new controller, and then after a month or two, push it back to regular price, whatever that would be.

pwnsause3841d ago

what do you think they would do, lol, recycle, gut those controllers add rumble and sell it as a refurbished product

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