GTA IV to feature in-game internet?

Rumors are bouncing round the internet concerning possible details of GTA IV's multiplayer game. The electronic whispers suggest that one multiplayer mode will make players search for one another across the game's massive playing area before being able to take each other down. It is suggested that when players raise their wanted level to seven stars they will become visible on the radar and thus more vulnerable to being located and gunned down by other players.

Yet more rumors circling certain E3 parties suggested that Rockstar is having trouble squeezing the giant game onto one Xbox 360 disk.

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BubblesDAVERAGE3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

This game further more will prove that blu ray is needed

I find it funny how u never read the article that mass effect barley fit on the dvd 9 Ill go find it for you to realize that a bigger storage medium is needed..I'm not blinded fan boy it just make since by your logic then lets make games on cd..with HD resolution it only make sense try and burn a HD movie on a dvd9 and see what happens with each generation that has been a need for a larger storage medium so whst makes this one who is the real fan boy

Also I pose the question why two disc when you can put it on one ? What happens when you lose disc one ,and still have disc two ? You wont be able to buy disc one again at least I wont have half a game if I lose my game....That would only piss me off I know I only got disc 2 and three of ff 7

sony fan3899d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Yay, because us sony fans are to stupid to realize even a game like this can just go on two discs. With the whole world on both discs but splitting up the challenges. But hey, we are getting extremely desperate to come up with some reason to propagate sony's platform for them. We just can't admit we paid a buncha money for...nothing. all they have to do is compress it, when writing code for PS3 devs are very sloppy because they just leave there junk on the blue-ray disc. This game has less info than Mass Effect but the devs can't leave their mistakes on the disc or not bother to compress the music, which often makes it sound better.

Now, my fellow sony fans please make sum smart comments about my post containing well thought out and respectable convresation, LOL. No, just do your normal flipping out like a kid.

AT THE GUT BELOW that is addressed in my statement, if they split up the missions and stuff they can fit the whole world and some missions on each disc. That is the point of what I'm saying, you really can do sandbox games like this on multiple discs, you completely missed what I was saying, and brought a point I already proved false, AND PEOPLE AGREED WITH YOU TOO, LOL thats a sony fan for you.

clownfacemcgee3899d ago

The actual devs are saying that they need a larger disc. In a sandbox type game, it's necessary to have the whole world on one disc. In RPG's you can have 50 discs, because it's so linear. Imagine playing GTA, but having to not just pause for a few seconds, but actually switch discs every time you want to go to a different zone. Also compression isn't just a magical solution. You can't just magically compress 50 gigs of stuff onto a floppy. You can't just magically compress 50 gigs of stuff onto a CD. I don't know exactly how much you can compress onto a DVD, but apparently, Rockstar says that isn't enough. They're trying to create a massive world here, and it's a tragedy that DVD9 is holding them back. See why we like our games to be exclusives? It optimizes it for that platform.

lint licker3898d ago

Foxnards, you just got owned by one of the most retarded fan-boys around, what does that make you? ..and all the people who agreed with you.

dantesparda3898d ago

Ah fanboys never quit eh? not Monday through Sunday. Not one single day. Dont you fvcking pathetic muthafvckas have anything better to do? or are you's all this much of a pathetic muthafvcka/loser? i guess i already know the answer to this question. You know honestly this is a really just a little kids game and i really need to get of this sh!t. For i have lowered myself to ya'll level. Oh well im off to do my Saturday night. Keep playing video games and fighting about them losers, peace!

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AnDy FrOm MiAmi3899d ago

Bubbles i think youre right cause i mean having full fledged interneth in a game will take up alot of space which the xbox 180 doesnt have.

MyNutsYourChin3899d ago

The rumor is highly questionable yet the idea of doing somthing like that is just fantastic. The introduction of such a feature would be incredible and highly innovative in gameplay.

STICKzophrenic3899d ago

As was the case when there was the multiple Halo 3 discs discussion, one disc could be for single player, and another for multiplayer. I don't see why that would be any kind of issue.

Vip3r3899d ago

That's a good idea. I'd hate to see them cut out or not make more content for the game just because they can't fit it onto a DVD.

CyberSentinel3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Put it on 2 DVD's. Problem solved. No big deal.

I will swap and save $300.00 dollars.

Blind Lemmings, How Many Gigs Will You Have To Pre-Instal, To Get Decent Load Times?

[email protected]

@1.1: Well said, with some valid points. Bubble for you sir.

@5.1: At 299.99 I can buy 2 360's just incase one does break. I would also have 6 years of warranty coverage. Or I could buy (5) NEW 360 games! (that get better ratings then their ps3 counterparts)

All you have is a movie player for the ridiculous price of $600.00!

Lemmings Are NOT Gamers, They Are Just Followers.

masterg3899d ago

Take your saved $300.
Buy a Wii. That way you will at least have one console that doesn't break or sound like a jet engine.
And as a bonus the graphics on the Wii are so weak you don't have to worry about games being on more than one disc.

Why o why3899d ago

i prefer the fanboy cs over the neutral 1. we all knew it wouldn't last anyway.

This game is gen 2 for both ps3 and 360. Not every game can be split onto 2 or more dvds for obvious reasons so games will get bigger as graphics and sound improve. Games will also (hopefully) become longer but i can see why ms would want you to believe that dvd9 was enough just so they could charge you for content that could of been included with the initial release but i suppose most fanboys are kool with that. i ain't. i still think the resistance maps should of been free because i feel they were already made and they could of fit on the br disk. If they were made from scratch then maybe we should of been charged but this is just the beginning. If you want your console to have a long lifespan the potential drawbacks of dvd9 should be evident. The games cost the same to buy so the only extra price ps3 owners are paying for is the initial ps3 payment which is now less. Better to have and not need as they say. Nobody buys a 250 gig harddisk when they already have 220 gigs worth of data, you plan for the future, yes FUTURE cause its real. The apocalypse isn't happening after halo or Killzone lands (hopefully). I wanna be playing games on my ps3 past 2010 thankyou.

popup3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )


Honestly mate, think about it.

You gotta love the way 1.2's compressed music sounds better than uncompressed. :)

It has nothing to do with 'poor' 360's being beaten by PS3's, its just a simple fact.

But since when have the ignorant needed educating when you have your own inaccurate answer to everything...

Why o Why understands above (although I worry about the 10 year part and think Sony would do something before then in reality)

popup3892d ago

Regarding the ignorant statement, See disagree points....

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