COD4 Singleplayer gameplay footage

Video displaying 3 unseen levels from COD4.

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ALIEN3936d ago

This game looks amazing.

TheMART-sucksdick3936d ago

game and killzone 2 look the same, both look amazing, i just wonder what the finished version of KZ2 will be like.

felidae3936d ago

i agree. they both look amazing .... + Crysis.

gamekiller3936d ago

Have just spent £550.00 on new computer not sure why now looking at those graphics, they are really getting a handle on the 360's hardware impressive stuff indeed.

power of Green 3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Keven P. asked how did you get COD4 running on a 360! and the dev said we have worked on the 360 more than anybody and we know the architecture more. I wonder whats in store in the future.

I wonder what UT3 will look like although the PS3 is open vs MS's closed system Epic only said the game was designed to take advantage of PS3's open PC-like open offerings they also said They have learned their engine better and have got unreal running better on PS3 than GoW on the 360 so i wonder what the later version will be like now that the learning curve isn't as great on the new hardware than before.

#6 WoW! before i get called a fanboy who doesn't know ther will be a PS3 version? it was has been shown has been the 360 versions PS3 COD's do match the 360 versions. KillZone 2 isn't even in the top three graphically great list. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.