Uncharted: Among the Best Of PS3

GameSpy knew that the Sixaxis' motion controls handle balancing when Nathan crosses logs and thin columns, but it will also be used for adjusting the arc when throwing grenades. If you keep it close to you, he won't toss it too hard. If you extend it out, he'll lob it fairly far. Speaking of grenades, GameSpy likes what Naughty Dog is doing with grenades. If you're too close to a grenade when it detonates, it will cause a sound effect for a few seconds that sounds like ringing ears, whether it damages you or not. It will also tilt the screen by a few degrees...

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sony fan4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Only 5 hours long!!!

LOL below, I own a PS3 first off, I just like to piss you fan-boys in diguise off, look at at you go.

aiphanes4024d ago

Why dont't you use your viral marketing to get microsoft to fix its Xbox 360s?

Why do you have to be such a prick and post some crap?

This thread is about Drake...which you are pissed that it is not comming to the Xbox 360...You have Halo 3 so be happy.

Get a life and stock sucking the Microsoft slong so much...

EZCheez4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

then why is the space for your PSNID filled with more negative jargon about the PS3?

Also, you referring to others as fanboys in disguise is like calling the kettle black.

lint licker4024d ago

Sony fan just makes fun of gays like you cheez quere, there is nothing in his xbox line either. You should read more of their posts before you decide who the fan-boys are.

cityofgod4024d ago

wait so i dont get the f*cking point of this link here we all know your a sony hater, but why even put this here when the article is about uncharted. wait I see, your just jealous at the quality titles comin out for it. Its ok you can go back to playing with whatever u play, jus dont post links or make comments that have nothing to do with the article your commenting on douche bag.

sony fan4024d ago

Yay lets use the F word and call people names, yay. We sure are a classy bunch. Apparently I got to someone here. You sir, are the reason I post these, just to laugh at you real fan-boys.

ShAkKa4024d ago

kid you are really anoying and irritating. if i were to ignore someone on this site that would be you,but i don`t do that because sometimes i just lol at some of the things fanboys like you and the mart have to says.

Vip3r4024d ago

The graphics still amaze me everytime I see it.

MK_Red4024d ago

This is Naughty Dog afterall, they made two phenomenal series on previous PS generations (Crash and Jak&Daxter). If they continue the thread, this will be one of the best franchises of this gen like Crash and Jak were in their own time IMO.

fenderputty4024d ago

one of their best in show too. It's a freaking awesome looking game. I can't wait to get my hands on it. This and heavenly sword excite me to no end. I can't wait for some more Killzone news too.

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