Joystiq hands-on: PlayStation Home

Joystiq got hands-on with Home, the PlayStation 3's social MMO. They were skeptical if it was a system seller but they thought its primary purpose is and only is to supplement and show off the hardware itself. Check out the impressions.

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TheExecutive3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Their first mistake was to call this a game. Its basically a 3-d avatar thats able to do the things that will be available on the xmb. Yes, that means that you never have to go into home if you dont want to. ALL OF THE FEATURES WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE XMB. Its not the sims or second life. Its a basic service thats a little less basic than the competitors.

"its primary purpose is only to supplement and show off the hardware itself." <--- that statememt is also false. The main purpose of home is to connect gamers to fellow gamers and allow developers the chance to build relationships with the gamers directly.

Its kinda sad that a gaming site doesnt know enough about a service to write an article about it. Do your research about a product before you write an article. I wonder if they are hiring, it looks like they need some help.

pwnsause3995d ago

I agree, bubbles from a Home Beta User to You!!!!

Vip3r3995d ago

I wish they'd hurry up with the open beta.

ElementX3995d ago

How do i get in on Betas? Not just this but any of them on PS3?

EZCheez3995d ago

I was pretty ticked about not getting into Home until I found out about this. On the official Playstation website when you are logged in you have the option to register your hardware. This will require you to enter the PS3 serial number. You can also do it with games but having your PS3 registered in my opinion is the most important.

I did this after finding out and a week later I was accepted into the Warhawk beta. It might have been coincidence but it definitely didn't hurt my chances.

novaIS3503995d ago

I was lucky enough to get one of the open slots. Its cool..we just need to see how it works with more people.

Lucky2323995d ago

Home success will depend on how many people use it. If its empty like the beta, then Home is going to suck. If everybody is on it 24/7, then meet the next-gen myspace.

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