Joystiq impressions: Unreal Tournament III

Joystiq got to see Unreal Tournament III running side by side on PC and PS3. Both versions obviously looked fantsatic, and it was great to see how nearly identical they look.

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rev203993d ago

Ps3 cant do gears of wars graphics can it haha (sarcasm)

told you so visually atm the two consoles are the same :)


the same, you say, i dont think so ps3 has a generation ahead of its time, and ps3 isnt a console

Daxx3993d ago

Not a console? Then what is it? >_>

Kaneda3993d ago

PS3 and PC almost

Waiting 4 xbots to bash this game for PS3...waiting waiting...

ElementX3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

I'm waiting to see how this looks on 360. I bet they all run just fine. Since 360 version isn't coming out until next year, maybe they'll add some extra polish to the game.

I think i'll get this on ps3 though so I can play it sooner.

fenderputty3993d ago

Although, I don't know if you care for such things. I also think it's going to look great on all consoles.

Most PS3 fans get a little overzealous since we've been told by various fanboys that gears and the unreal engine can't even run on the PS3.

I'm hoping that after this E3 and TGS some of the hate will die down and people will realize good things don't just come to the 360.

Bathyj3993d ago

Plus dont forget the mods Dude. This a game that could go on and on since PS3 can use everything the PC communty will create. We're not just talking extra content. People will make nearly whole games from this and PS3 will be only console that will run them. Plus keyboard and mouse.

This might be the first multiplatform game where the best version is beyong arguement and not up for debate as opossed to most of the others that have basically been the exact same game with varying minor differences.

ElementX3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

I haven't played mods since Counter Strike for Half Life 1. The idea of mods on a console is appealing, however I'm not sure I like the idea of having to download maps every time I join a server and they have one I don't, like PC games.

Am I going to have to DL maps from the servers or transfer them from my PC?

Can I get my 3rd bubble back? People are disagreeing with posts and taking everyone's bubbles. I haven't attacked anyone nor have I flamed. I think this bubble system needs refining.

fenderputty3993d ago

Since your posts have become soooo much more neutral. It's not letting me give you another at the current moment. The bubble system does suck though.

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Vip3r3993d ago

Looks like this is coming along nicely. Great if they released a beta or MP demo.

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The story is too old to be commented.