New GoW PC content not coming to the 360

The Advanced Media Network sat down with Epic's Mark Rein and Cliffy B to chat about their big E3 announcements and learned some sad news about the new Gears of War PC content.

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luckywaster3904d ago

Honestly guys we should really fire up an online petition about this. We can affect change. It worked for what, a Bioshock limited edition, and something else I can't think of right now. Anyway, I really want these new chapters as premium content on the marketplace, I'd pay for them. I love the campaign, but it does feel chopped up in spots. Maybe they cut parts on purpose, to reinsert them in the PC campaign, like fighting the Brumak. Anyway, I just want the full Gears campaign experience. Anyone up for an online petition? We'll get what we want if we make our voices heard.

sony fan3904d ago

Maybe they think PC gamers will see it as an old port that has already been played if they did not have new content. I imagine they will sell more if it has something special.

Cook1eMan3904d ago

Let me give you some advise take what you can get while you can. I know 360 owners will get stuff in the future that PC users wont have maybe diffrent campaign stuff.

Also i'm not going to sway your mind not to, but when you get a petition with a bunch of names to try get content over to the 360 from the PC version it's going to back fire. It's happened with lots of companies in the past who scrapped or delayed stuff cause fanboys want everything and give nothing. Just take what you get when you get it before you screw your selves over.

The_Firestarter3904d ago

Nicely said Cook1eman. Bubbles for you.

FCOLitsjustagame3904d ago

I have no problem with a game going crossplatform or to PC but I do get sad that the devs dont share the same exeperience across the platforms.

One of them said that they wont do it because then there wouldnt be a reason for people to buy the PC version. The reason would be that the customers has a PC and not a 360. No matter how good the game is or how much extra content they put on the PC version, I will not get it because I gave up PC gaming a while ago. If I was interested in PC gaming still I probably wouldnt have a 360 and would just play all he games on the PC.

If they released more single player content on XBL I would buy it. If their choosing not to sell it to people like me then thats to bad for them, I have other games I can spend my money on.

TheBigL053R3904d ago

They should market it as a Gears 'expansion.' Add the 250 gamerpoints and the achievements and what not.

I'd pay 1000 points for it.

And Epic would make money off it!

sony fan3904d ago

They already did this, it is called like annex or something.

Cook1eMan3904d ago

Hey every port has to have it's exclusive things. I dont know what your all worrying about, your most likely going to get exclusive stuff PC users dont get. Take what you get dont whine about it.

iceice1233904d ago

That content will be a push to buy the PC version for people. But for me the level editor would have been enough.

Cook1eMan3904d ago

I dont think the 360 fanboys care about the editor, but that is going to be changing point for gears gameplay. There mainly mad that epic included the good stuff for PC and not for the 360. It's a strategic move by microsoft/epic thats going to move the game as fast as the 360 did.

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The story is too old to be commented.