Russian Hackers release PSP firmware CFW v3.51 M33 + Video Install

A group of russian hackers have released a new PSP custom firmware which have got a lot of people rather excited, especially after Dark_AleX left the scene a few weeks ago. A few users seem to confirm it working but as per usual, only try such releases at your own risk.

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ITR3963d ago

Without this I doubt my friend would use his PSP.
Same for me and my DSL. If I can't tinker then it's no good to me.

clownfacemcgee3962d ago

This game of cat and mouse gets really old really fast. I hope the new PSP actually supports homebrew like the PS3 does. That would give me a reason to buy one.

Marona3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Tsk... just when my old PSP since launch just died on me this morning.... oh well I'll wait for the PSP Slim. ... I'll miss my fun time with the PSP for a few months.

cuco333962d ago

i might pull my 3.03oe-c equipped psp from its dust coffin and try this out

most likely it'll go back to collecting dust few hrs of tinkering around