E3 2007: Heavenly Sword Update

Heavenly Sword is 'Not the game we thought it was', according to IGN.

Read on after the jump to find out why

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akaFullMetal3936d ago

game is shaping up to seem like a must have, cant wait to see

sony fan3936d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

"not the game we thought it was", turns out it was supposed to be GOW3 but they accidently made the character female. I know, lets do the exact same gameplay and concept, but change the look character, and the plot, and call it a new IP then we can say we are innovative. Hey, below, your comment is going to drift further away from mine if someone else responds up here, you should have replied to get yours under me.(nomad)
Are you telling a sony fan not to be a fool? Don't be a fool!

Blankman3935d ago

don't be a fool sony fan. you really can't live ur life down playin sony games. u have ur action/adventure genre gane too. too human even though it won't be as good as heavenly but just manage that for the meantime

nomad1173936d ago

what ever you want it to be i guess i mean i game with a diffrent plot and diffrent characters yup your right GOW 3

nasim3936d ago

thts right.

It kills any gbox 360 game out there

TruthHurts3935d ago

i was a bit worryied about it, that it would just be a "arena brawler" but that illusion has been crushed in the last couple of day.
i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooo excited for this game i looks like its going to be an AMAZING adventure game.

the crossbow is one of the coolest things ive ever seen.
and narikos counters are unreal, the best i`ve ever seen.

it looks like we have a new action/adventure series of AAA quality.
september couldn`t get here quicker.

ALIEN3935d ago

I was about to cry when i read 'Not the game we thought it was', then i went through the story n it made me smile. This game will be amazing. Can't wait till i get i hands on this BABY.

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