New Zelda Game for the Wii in Development - Miyamoto

During a locked-doors meeting at E3 yesterday, legendary game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Twilight Princess Director, Eiji Aonuma, sat down and discussed the Legend of Zelda franchise's present, past, and future.

The meeting was scheduled to be a Super Mario Galaxy discussion, but Mr. Aonuma jumped in to reveal information regarding The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and suprised the crowd regarding the next Wii iteration for the franchise...

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FordGTGuy4022d ago

I mean who thought there wasn't going to be another?

Azurite4022d ago

Yeah, agreed.
But some people need confirmation for this kind of thing :)

And this time Zelda will be made for Wii and not GC, the graphics will be so nice, just look at Mario Galaxy.

And yes I know it's not all about graphics, but it's a nice feature if it's done well.

ChickeyCantor4022d ago

dont give your self to much hope, as much as i love Zelda : WW we might get suprised with a look alike, you never know with Nintendo.

( yet Wind waker still looks impressive, who says its to kiddy should play the game, then they will realize the beauty of it)

Azurite4022d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

I wasn't refering to Wind Waker, it was Twilight Princess :)
Wind Waker looks great, imho, and so does Twilight Princess.

What I meant was that they'll make a game solely based on Wii-hardware and not GC-hardware as it was with Twilight Princess.

The two consoles may be similar in many aspects, but Wii can muster a lot more than was shown in Twilight Princess which was made for GC (only difference was 16:9 and reversed screen).

And this time they'll have more time to figure out stuff to use the Wiimote too.

I'd certainly welcome any kind of Zelda game, be it cell shading or a more realistic version, Zelda never lets you down... unless we're talking CD-i :P

MyNutsYourChin4022d ago

After hearing Nintendo state that they begin work on new titles and new hardware once the current ones are released, this is no surprise.

darkvenom4022d ago

imagine Link mimicking your evey move!that would be so cool.

ChickeyCantor4022d ago

I hope that Nintendo would consider this simply because we are still w8ting for that type of game, it doesnt have to be zelda but at least bring a good sword fighting game !!!

ITR4022d ago

Bring it on!
I'm hoping the next Zelda puts Galaxy to shame, but I'll end up buying both.

AAACE54021d ago

I hope they don't follow Miyamoto's theories, and make Zelda shorter.

The reason people didn't buy Twilight Princess is cause people didn't like the way Nintendo decided to pimp Zelda. By getting all the people to pre-order it, and then jumped it over to Wii. It wasn't a new game people felt cheated.

ChickeyCantor4021d ago

The reason it was ported for the Wii, is because the anouncement of both were close to each other.
if the wii would be released in december of 2007 i dont think they would have ported it to the Wii.