E3 2007 GunCon 3 Demonstration

Hot footage of the new GunCon 3 in action! Shown with new Time Crisis 4 gameplay.

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Vip3r3900d ago

This gun looks like it could be real fun especially while drink. ;)

boi3900d ago

lol seems like not many people goes out much with comments liek that on gametrailers

*if it had multiplayer online i would be sold*
*this games should keep coming out for the wii*
*gun con 3 sensor is another stolen idea from nintendo, isn't it ?*

lol damn they need to go out more...shows they r a gamer Oo

anyways looking forward to this...pls bring house of dead on it :D

Counter_ACT3900d ago

I played this at an arcade here. It was a really good game. Dunno if ill buy it for PS3, but I might. The dialogue was so damn corny though. :P