Peter Moore on the retirement of Ken Kutaragi

Peter Moore comments on the retirement of Ken Kutaragi from Sony.

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FordGTGuy4021d ago

Ever since Ken left, Sony has been on a turn around for the good.

sony fan4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Ken was fired because of the horrible mistake he made called the PS3. this is what happens in the business world, a department head makes a huge mistake and he "steps down". Everyone who knows how it works reports it "kuturagi fired" and sony press release says, "he is on to other projects". But of course they don't bother people who say the truth, it was the fact that the PS3 design is so complicated and costly yet still performs weaker than the xbox that got ken the can.

THAMMER14021d ago

Peter More has class. That was a good answer.

I agree with Peter 100%. Ken K. was a great loss, but At the end of the day business is business.

MK_Red4020d ago

I respect both of them (Peter and Ken), I believe Ken's departure was a great loss but its how this industry works. Great speech from Moore.

N4GayFanturds4020d ago

It's a loss to Sony but a greater loss to the industry. He was obviously following Sony's PR & Marketing strategy; talk big & talk a lot of shhhht which got him canned. The sad thing is; he's gone & Sony is still at it. What a waste.

Violater4020d ago

KK will be back with designs for the PS4

MyNutsYourChin4020d ago

I don't think we will be seeing a PS4.

I believe that with the resignation of Ken Kutaragi Sony will choose to retire the Playstation name and begin a new legacy and possibly a new direction in gaming.

Adamalicious4020d ago

I don't know man - to me that sounds like "Apple's going to retire the iPod". The Playstation brand carries an enormous amount of weight. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that Sony's computer entertainment division has been their most profitable in the last decade - since the advent of Playsation.

Ken Kutaragi was a visionary that changed console gaming forever. His legacy lives in the PS3 and in it's ultimate success or failure. Personally I have always preferred the Playstation approach to console gaming and I'm sure I'm not alone. Sony would be foolish to throw that away. Unless the PS3 is a colossal failure, maybe, but I don't think it will be. Hey look at Nintendo - their previous 2 consoles didn't do so hot, but the Wii is going like gangbusters... so who knows.

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The story is too old to be commented.