Sony's Reeves "Surprised" That People Buy PS3?

Following Sony's PS3 bundle announcement David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has expressed surprise that people are buying the PlayStation 3 at the £425 price tag it's had since launch.

Responding to a question about whether – regardless of what's included -

£425 is perceived as just too much for a console, Reeves said "It is, but surprisingly, people are paying that amount of money for it."

He then proceeded, flippantly, to dismiss the fact that we might have liked the extra 20Gb of hard disk space that the U.S. is getting with the 80Gb PS3.

"The difference between 60GB and 80GB is not really necessary. The difference in cost between a 60 and 80 is just Euro cents; it's nothing, because the cost of memory is so small."

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FordGTGuy3900d ago

“It is, but surprisingly, people are paying that amount of money for it.”

I mean his not wrong by any means its is still a crap load of money. Not to mention it costs more the UK then just about anywhere else.

sony fan3900d ago

Holly crap, this title is as bad as the titles we give 360 articles. How did this get passed my fellow sony fan-boys?

P4KY B3900d ago

When your standing in a deep hole.

ash_divine3900d ago

He's been making Sony look bad all week. Sony need to hurry up and fire the douche. It makes me angry because things were turning around for Sony, and now it's all going down hill because of this prick.

way to go Reeves(you turd).

MyNutsYourChin3900d ago

This exec has seriously misplaced his loyalty. However, I do agree with him when he says that the next gaming console, presumably from Sony, will be something other than a Playstation. I don't think we will be seeing a PS4.

I believe that with the resignation of Ken Kutaragi Sony will choose to retire the Playstation name and begin a new legacy and possibly a new direction in gaming.

Rybnik3900d ago

Oh, MS has a couple of characters like this too, they just aren't allowed to say anything, LOL.

rain19713900d ago

What`s this! Is he from the `Ratners`.

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The story is too old to be commented.