SCEUK: Playstation 3 Starter Pack To Be Released 18 July

SCEUK has confirmed the launch of the new Playstation 3 Starter Pack
which comes with 2 first party games & a extra SIXAXIS controller.

The Playstation 3 Starter Pack will be available from the 18th July in the UK & 1st August in Europe.

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techie4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

Those are the two games I bought...and I'm looking to get another sixaxis....damn them.

edit* How is it possible to disagree with what i bought?? Unless you are actually me disagreeing with me? Learn how to think people.

ASSASSYN 36o4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

Affectionately dubbed: The desperate pack!

FordGTGuy4025d ago

Would be a sweeter deal if they just included the ability to choose any two games for free. It would get them out of this 18+ crap.

Vip3r4025d ago

How many under 18s are going to have the money for a £425 console anyway? Either buy it on the net or get your dad or older brother/sister to buy it. Easy.

kewlkat0074025d ago

but How much were talking about?

The two games they will be on the "Great Hits" real soon as new games come out after like a year.

425.00 EUR = 585.968 USD

If this is correct then thats a good deal. It is still a high price getting everything but you get more then what the original price + 1 controller of the launch console was.

Well how much is the $599USD launch console in Europe?

Brandon4025d ago

it's 425£ not € so something like 864$

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