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HardGame2 | Alan Wake Review


"The maelstrom in which we live requires titles to launch studies with annual franchise, development and delivery deadlines sometimes very short, there is much pressure as the market development and sales results at minimum cost and time investment are powers that often unfortunately. It is rare to find artists such as Remedy, who devote sufficient time estimated to finish things masterfully, throwing them "when they are finished." It is certainly something exceptional to find this kind of games, of which no doubt Alan Wake is one of them in their own right." (Alan Wake, Xbox 360) 10/10

Hallmark Moment  +   2027d ago
Kind of strange the mixed reviews coming from NA gaming media but world wide the game is scoring high scores. Are reviewers so consumed with tech revolutions they can no longer grade games properly?

-Not enough guns?
-Not enough fast paced frantic action?
-Hating on it because the game is graphically outstanding?
-Backlash because the game is not on PC and PC gamers and PS3 supporting media are bitter?
Why are Some reviewers so hell bent on scoring this game low?
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Hallmark Moment  +   2027d ago
LOL @the disagree.

I know the reason, the media that care about fanboys feelings scored it low because they don't wan't to piss off the angry fanboys as a result of giving this game it's proper praise.

The bitter idiot that disagreed with me confirms this.
MexicanAppleThief  +   2027d ago
lol, I miss the days where people used to have these little demo discs and if the game had a good demo, people would buy it. I think it was the PS1 generation.

Too many people are obessesed about reviews, they need to remind themselves that everyone has different tastes, a 10/10 could be an average game for some and vice versa.
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meetajhu  +   2027d ago
Mr.Mexican your right i agree with you!! But i hate apple fanboys :(
Figboy  +   2027d ago
Mexican Apple Thief,
i may suspiciously eye you when you are near my apples, but i agree 100% with your comment.

Modern Warfare 2 got a LOT of high praise, even 10/10 scores, but for ME, i don't think the game is more than average.

on the flip side, a game i think is absolutely fantastic: Folklore, got piss poor reviews from major sites like Gamespot (Gamespot gave it a 7/10 among other sites).

to each his own, though. the only time i really complain about low review scores, is when it doesn't match the actual TEXT of the review (you know, the thing that most people DON'T READ before flying off the handle). a lot of games had reviews with glowing text, but the score was still 6/10 or something. Edge is kind of notorious for that.

i had a subscription to the Official PlayStation Magazine, because every month, they had a demo disc with at least 5 or so PS1 titles, then they moved on to PS2 titles. that mag was INVALUABLE to me, and i purchased a LOT of games i never would have otherwise thanks to that demo (ie, Indigo Prophecy, War of the Monsters, Beyond Good and Evil, Mercenaries).

i never rely on reviews, or anyone elses opinion of things. just recently, a friend of mine was talking about how sh*tty Iron Man 2 was. i saw the movie for myself finally, and i actually enjoyed it about as much as the first one. i didn't think it was any better or worse than the original. if i had went by his opinion only, i'd have missed out on an entertaining popcorn flick.
Double Toasted  +   2027d ago
You mentioned Folklore, which I also think is fantastic, that game is a prime example of people listening to reviews and a great game gets sh*tted on. To me that was the beginning of Hi-def rpg's that I was expecting from Sony this gen, but the Sony fans decided to skip it and the result is what we have today. Too many shooters instead of the galore of rpgs that the PS2 had.

But I don't think the same will happen to Alan Wake. People will buy this game regardless of reviews that are seemingly favorable albeit of a mixed proportion.
Figboy  +   2026d ago
Folklore was surprisingly deep and addictive.
i don't actually think i ever captured all of the souls, or leveled all of them up.

it's funny, but the GBA game Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, had me addicted to it because of the same mechanic.

i mentioned this in a response on another thread that i mentioned Folklore, but the music and art design were FANTASTIC, like playing through a game designed by the Jim Henson Group, and the game play was really, really fun.

i LOVED figuring out a strategy to beat the enemies, even BEFORE getting the hint pages, and i loved collecting all of the souls and trying to level them all up to max (which i STILL haven't done).

it's a genuinely great action/rpg, and what's even more impressive, is that the visuals STILL hold up today. i popped it in recently, and was surprised at how rock solid the graphics are even now.

it's a shame how ravaged that game was by review scores, and people sh*tting all over it. so many early PS3 games that were actually QUALITY got that treatment (Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk also got nitpicked to mediocre to low review scores, and they didn't deserve it. Warhawk was one of the most polished, balanced online games you could find, at it's LAUNCH no less, and it really showed what the PSN could bring to the online gaming table, and i'm not even a huge online gamer, but i was ADDICTED to Warhawk for quite a while).
Icyhot  +   2027d ago
Whats up with Hallmark, can't you post a single comment without dragging the PS3 into the dirt? Besides, when was the NA media a PRO PS3 media anyway, before the slim every single PS3 is doomed article came from there and 360 has a bigger install base in NA than PS3, so what bias?

You seem to be more butthurt... If this game received AAA scores like GOW3, then I am sure you would be posting that in every article and blowing the same media's trumpet.

Just enjoy the game and if you like it, it's job well done. And when the hell was Eurogamer, Gamespot,Gametrailers, Edge ever PS3 supporting media outlets?

Oh ya and 83 is nowhere a bad score and by definition any game above 80 is good and worth a play... It's a shame that you had unreasonable expectations from it.
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mookins  +   2027d ago
He's obsessed, just like the 360 fans around here. They must be scared of what Sony will come up with next.
thief  +   2027d ago
"-Not enough guns?"
No, its rather because it plays too much like a shooter with light instead of bullets instead of offering anything really innovative
"-Not enough fast paced frantic action?"
Again the exact opposite: its got the same scenario - go into the forest, shoot monsters - repeated again and again, whereas the much hyped story and sandbox elements are missing or weak
"-Hating on it because the game is graphically outstanding?"
Again the reverse: the lighting and draw distance is great, but its got about 40% fewer pixels less than 720p, and fails in its attempts to hide the blurried, low quality textures and weak animations
"Why are Some reviewers so hell bent on scoring this game low? "
Because after all the hype, its just a somehwat improved version of Silent Hill and Alone in the dark.
Alan Wake did score much higher than the last versions of Silent Hill and AITD
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gamer7804  +   2027d ago
Agreed Hallmark
I think you hit the nail squarely on its head. The number of replies indicate the chord struck.
mookins  +   2027d ago
What angry fanboys are you talking about? You're butthurt because people reviewed it based on their own opinions?

Who the hell would be butthurt over this game?

sam2236  +   2027d ago
Why are Some reviewers so hell bent on scoring this game low?
Because the game has been in development for five/six years and people were constantly told how awesome and amazing it was.

Now that it's been released, it just so happens to be utter garbage. The 'revolutionary' DVD-style storytelling that Remedy kept droning on about? Alone in the Dark did it back in '08 when AW was still in development.

Alan Wake is nothing new. It's not 'revolutionary', it's not amazing. Go watch some gameplay vids of both Alone in the Dark '08 and AitD: The New Nightmare and you'll see that Alan Wake has already been done.

EDIT: Christ, now that I think of it, everything in AW has been ripped straight from the Alone in the Dark games!
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creatchee  +   2027d ago
I think that the mixed reviews are coming from the fact that this is a so-called genre game. Some people just don't care for survival horror, no matter how engaging the story or how the cool the other elements are. There will always be less than universal appeal for this kind of game as opposed to a Halo or Uncharted or GTA, because some people just don't get into it.

I do though, and I can't wait to play it!
NotoriousWarrior  +   2027d ago
Cos they seem to have played it and most reviewers gave it around 8. STFU man you talk as though everyone should give it a 10 and "graphically outstanding"? have you actually played games that actually fit that discription? cos I don't think. This gave would have been graphically outstanding in 2007 it's 2010.

I don't give disagrees so it wasn't me.
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niceguywii60  +   2027d ago
Sounds like you're about to lose your mind calm down chump. Go play your PS3. Sounds like what he said hit home with you.

"This gave would have been graphically outstanding in 2007 it's 2010."

Have you read any of the reviews. Maybe just the bad ones.PS3 fanboys.

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N4GAddict  +   2027d ago
8 is still a great score...
N4GAddict  +   2027d ago
Another perfect score. Alan Wake is looking like a winner.
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yogaflame  +   2027d ago
strange that high scores keeps coming up after flop scores, maybe this is a conspiracy.
lowcarb  +   2027d ago
What conspiracy? Will you people grow up and quit listening to reviewers and critics. It's ashame so many games and movies are being hated on because you guys give so much power to these sites. They don't get to decide which game is cool we do! Be a man and judge for yourself unless you don't own a 360 to begin with.
Ri0tSquad  +   2027d ago
Oh god, not this again....

Can't even get past the damn LP2 advertisement.
yogaflame  +   2027d ago
but still its average for more known website like ign, gamespot, 1up, edge
bobcostus  +   2027d ago

8.5-9 is hardly an "average" score. Those are very respectable scores. Please people, look past the fact that it's exclusive and just see it as a game. Give the developers some credit.
4Sh0w  +   2027d ago
When in the hell did 8.5-9= average? and let me guess now that must mean IGN no longer stands for IGNorant, the new improved Gamespot is no longer 360 biased, 1up speaks the truth, and of course Edge represents the voice of gamers. lol, and now small websites don't matter when their handing out 10's to 360 exclusives. damm you just got to love n4g.

oh btw you almost forgot to include the overused microsoft paid them off conspiracy theory, which oddly wasn't mentioned with the early reviews and of course would have made more sense for microsoft to "pay off" considering more folks read the bigger sites.
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Therealspy03  +   2027d ago
he has "flame" in his name. don't provide fuel. just report him for the troll he is and move on.
yakuzakazuya  +   2027d ago
Outstanding graphics?
There's nothing outstanding about low res textures and screen tearing at sub-hd 540p that's for sure!
lowcarb  +   2027d ago
It's Sad how a sub 540p game can look better than 720 games lol. Buy a 360 troll that way you'll shut up and see for yourself.
TheMailman  +   2027d ago
Alan Wake Damage Control courtesy of Microsoft deep pockets...
Therealspy03  +   2027d ago
you know...
i'm really looking forward to this game, and i think it probably deserves a decent score. but perfect? come on now. i haven't played a game in years that i think deserves even a 9/10 let alone a 10 out of 10.

my OPINION (just in case any fanboys will be reading this (which they will)) is that the 2 best games of all time are starcraft and half life 2...and even they don't deserve a PERFECT score. the whole review system is flawed (again - in my opinion) and really needs to be revamped. maybe i'll make a review site. lol
tudors  +   2027d ago
Your not wrong there mate, orange box even now is a mega bargain.
knightdarkbox  +   2027d ago
Phenomal visuals, best i've seen. And the sound aswell, man this is going to be GOTY, I just know it remedy..
ghamdikh2  +   2027d ago
man this is going to be GOTY, I just know it remedy
sorry man but GOTY games is only Exclusive to PS3.
JeffGUNZ  +   2026d ago
Mass Effect 2 isn't on the PS3.
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PeptoBismol   2027d ago | Trolling | show
gravv   2027d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
tudors  +   2027d ago
How can it hurt your eyes when you have not even played it? besides I thought GOTY was between Mass Effect 2 and UC2, and don't say GOW3 because no matter how good it looks it is still just a hack and slash.
mittwaffen  +   2027d ago
I wish I had a ban hammer...
I pound the crap out of people ruining this website.

WHO THE HELL CARES 8+ is a good game an its really subjective and taste from that point. I hate how you people will do anything to pump a decent game in the ground.

mypsnissscoolchea   2027d ago | Trolling | show
MeatAbstract  +   2027d ago
Thats a crazy high score. Should a 10/10 be regarded at perfect or as something 'outstanding'?

Oh well, I don't think it matters. I pre-ordered this game, I think it looks good. Don't really care what resolution it will play at or any of that crap, it looks like a decent survival horror that has been likened to RE4 in some aspects of the combat. Can't go wrong, really.
booni3  +   2027d ago
see now, that review was too long for me to indulge in completely but its quite clear that he has fond opinions of the games. i've been hearing mixed things about it, but as pertained to a comment made earlier reviews are someone elses opinion on something YOU supposedly will be paying for, which isnt to bad. but taking complete and total stake from these reviews is indeed bad. i recommend you research a reviewer with similar tastes and opinions on past titles and you give only that review the time of day as not to cloud your judgement. for example: whoever writes the reviews for G4s XPLAY have got similar tastes to myself and i find i can always trust there reviews. i was contemplating a purchase of super street fighter and was unsure but the moment they stamped it with the coveted 5 star i ran out, traded in ff13 (that trash) and snagged the game, which i must say im quite pleased with, except for RYUs over representation in the online modes. furthermore, i'm looking for good, non-ryu competition. gamertag DiablosTheWroth
yakuzakazuya  +   2027d ago
@ lowcarb
I have an xbox 360. And I have finished Alan Wake. Get ready for massive tearing at sub-HD with low textures all over the place.
lowcarb  +   2026d ago
Sure you do and my girlfriend is Oprah. I'm willing to bet you only own a Nintendo Wii down there living in your little mud hut.
bviperz  +   2026d ago
The attacking/defending for the review scores Alan Wake is getting is very interesting. I'm going to play it for myself and see what the fuss is about.
yakuzakazuya  +   2026d ago
@ lowcarb
Listen man, you don't like what I say because you know it's true. Alan Wake graphics is like having a girlfriend with a pretty face but too bad she got Austin Powers teeth. She may look okay with her mouth closed but once she smiles she ain't that pretty no more.

I have finished AW, you will see that I am telling you facts about it's gfx once you yourself gets to play it. The low res textures is true, it sticks out especially in daytime. The screen tearing is also true. How Remedy managed to drop resolution to 540p and still fail to eliminate tearing is beyond me.

I may not like the gfx, but the gameplay itself is solid and fun for a single playthrough. Replayability is quite low because it does get extremely repetitive.
LuHawk27  +   2026d ago

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