Gamespot's Little big planet stage demo.

A little bit old,but everyone should check out this incredible interview!


The game should spell at "Littlebigplanet",without space. :p ,thank you all.
But the system don't let me edit the title anymore after approved,sorry guys.

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FordGTGuy3996d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Garry's Mod blows it out of the water but its nice to see that its on a console though.

How can you disagree with me?

Garrys Mod is the ultimate sandbox game.

sony fan3995d ago

A planet can't be both little and big, The sony big heads really screwed this up. this is just outrageous, lets start a petition to change the title to tiny gigantic planet.

LSDARBY3995d ago

That was awsome, cant wait to get it. Disapointed about the summer release next year though.

Piranjah3995d ago

This game looks like a ton of fun to me. I really like how you can make moving objects like the walking snake & the tank. The editor seems to be as much fun as just playing the levels themselves. This is the reason why I'm going to buy a PS3:-)

Bill Gates3995d ago

Oh wow could this be the game that actually takes over my obsession of Gran Turismo?

This game is going to BLOW UP like crazy in the industry, and in my opinion win Game of The Year for 2008.

TheBigL053R3995d ago

Oh fanboys, how I love thee.

Bathyj3995d ago

The skys the limits on this game. You could have a level that was just a down hill slope and everyone could bulit there own little cars to race down the hill in.

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