The Many Costumes of Mario

Gaming Today reviews the history of Mario and his many costumes from the NES and SNES days.

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Bloodmask3842d ago

Mario was always my personal favorite. But that new Bee Mario is kinda neat too.

Best Mario games ever Original SMB, and SM64.

astrobrights3841d ago

I think SM64 or SMB 3 were the best

ITR3841d ago

The Mario Boo costume is awesome!

MyNutsYourChin3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Ah, yes, the many faces of Mario. I wonder what the secret about Luigi is in the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy? The Super Mario series has definately entertained me, my siblings, and a few little ones over the years.

Despite popular opinion, I'm actually a fan of Super Mario Sunshine. That was one of my favorite Mario games after Super Mario 64. I'd probably organize my favorites as such:

1. Super Mario 64
2. Super Mario Sunshine
3. Super Mario World
4. Super Mario Bros. 3
5. Super Mario Bros. 2
6. Super Mario Bros.