Jack Tretton On The Future Of PlayStation Network

Jack Tretton On The Future Of PlayStation Network

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Mycococo4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

we all heard. online is a key element and its "official" launch much like when firmware update 2.0 arrives. sony knows they are behind in online and they are taking many strides to get to the top. this added onlione store functionality, home element and the abbilities of home look promissing for the console to pick up ground in online where xbox has been setting pace.

Skynetone4023d ago

The little old land of oz

it could be worse he could have a bald head

the_round_peg4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

I understand CEOs and high-level execs usually have big egos, and therefore they should be running business in offices and meetings and NOT speaking to the public. There's a reason we have never heard any Hollywood studio CEO or exec speak. Hollywood knows what good PR is and keeps the big wigs and their egos out of the public interviews and limelight.

Sony needs to hire professional PR guys for this sort of things, for goodness sake.

DrPirate4022d ago

God do I ever agree with this statement...

Sly4022d ago

I Know that Sony has not unlocked its full potential yet. It will get better, I am not a Sony, Microsoft nor Nintendo fanboy but I know that Sony is getting better and its aiding from all of the mistakes that they have made. Sure they're store isn't the greatest thing right now and Jack said it isn't what the company expected to be at where it is right now, but it just launched back in november you just give it time and it will evolve into something better soon.