Soul Calibur 4 - New Screens

Namco Bandai has released brand new Soul Calibur 4 screens. SCIV will include new gameplay modes, characters and enhanced features with unprecedented 3D modeling and animation, Soulcalibur IV will be the definitive fighting game experience. The unrelenting pursuit of two ...

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Bloodmask3876d ago

is a great franchise. These pics look nice. I was always a fan of Astaroth and Knightmare.

I wonder if they will go for any custom characters this time around since it is multi again?

I hope part 4 will have online play.

PlayStation3603876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

online play will be there. I saw a video interview with the creator/designers, somewhere on this site. And I think they did say its a go. In either case, I too like this franchise. I hope they have character creation aswell. My favs are Nightmare and Siegfried ( I love the way their armour looks in SC4, especially Sieg's. ). I also like Ivy *wink wink*, but I can't play with her that well.

MK_Red3875d ago

There you go, it officially supports online:
And I agree, the series rocks and online would be a blast for SC4.

binard3283875d ago

It was confirmed that online play will be included. Man, Nightmare's model looks fantastic. Can't wait to take this online and see how good people really are.

So excited about this one.

Bhai3875d ago

Just saw the E3 2007 trailer for Soul Calibur 4 at youtube...and I found out that as much stunning as it is, its base is still very much the same as Soul Calibur 3 was on PS2(SC3 has cloth dynamics, dynamic shadows and self shadowing enabled...its a masterpiece on PS2). That is to say that SC3 on PS2 was the most gorgeous fighting game of the past gen...but Tekken 6 really has gone beyond. SC4's environments are quite alot static and the look and armour of fighters is mostly the same.

Tekken 6's fully damageable floors, deformable snow effects, 40+ characters, highly dynamic environments and especially the introduced MK:Deception style multi-tiered environments is a big, big push towards calling it next-gen. As much expected awe-inspiration that I thought for SC4 is just not there. The features are mostly the same...remember that I'm not saying its going to be a bad game, but I know its being next-gen is not going to go much ahead of already stellar SC3 for PS2...featurewise !!!