Peter Moore On MGS4 For Xbox Rumors

Kotaku's Crecente asks Peter Moore about the Metal Gear Solid 4 Xbox 360 Rumors in this video.

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drtysouf214019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

I like Linkin Park too!

Edit: I lost a bubble for liking Linkin Park?

tehcellownu4019d ago

they do care about money..what makes u think that mgs4 wont sell millions?? resistance motorstorm all million sellers..this bein hideo last game its goin to be master piece!!! and money isnt eveythin in this world..unlike capcom that cant even make dmc4 time exclusive those

lmao at ruinin easter and losin a bubble cuz of likin linkin park..

SPAWN4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Everytime I see you post you`re crying about your bubbles! Dude so what! You just had only 4 the other day and you`re still crying LOL!

EDIT= didn`t demote his bubbles, just stating facts! I could care less about my bubbles or anyone else LOL! Look at me, I just lost a bubble for saying it, and it`s true! Anyways, he has multiple accounts so he needs not to worry!

Hayabusa 1174019d ago

A bubble for liking Linkin Park.

clownfacemcgee4019d ago

He's not crying you moron. He's pissed that you demote him for absolutely no reason. Don't kill his bubbles. He's not a fanboy. He just said he likes Linkin Park. And yes that's relevant, because I believe that's what came on during the interview.

dantesparda4019d ago

How do you know that he has multiple accounts? how can you tell?

GTProwler4019d ago

maybe he thinks he's a linkin park fanboy?

drtysouf214018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

since your comments are ignored i choose not to see it i'm sure its lame like last time.

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CyberSentinel4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Konami is only hurting themselves.

@2.1: Lets see if Konami feels that same "loyalty" 6-18 months from now.

@1: Bubble for you.

zantetsuken4019d ago

It's about loyalty. PS is the reason MGS is what it is today. There's no disputing that. Kojima has made this clear in his interviews and podcasts. They're not focused on money, they're focused on making the best game they can.

ironwolf4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

You just keep telling yourself that. Someday you'll realize there's no Easter Bunny either.

popup4019d ago

Thanks for ruining Easter for me...

LeonSKennedy4Life4019d ago

Why did you have to go and ruin Easter for him?

What kind of monster are you?

Shin_Akakage4019d ago

Tell me you aren't serious. These game companies are not in business to make loyal life-long friend/partners. They are in business to MAKE MONEY. Fan boys are loyal, Lassie was companies are here to make money. If they can not make money where they are...the migrate to where the money is. Look at how the market is now...Sega..multiplatform VF5 coming to 360, Capcom are the spokespeople for multiplatform development, even square-enix who wouldn't touch Xbox is now advocating multiplatform..developing for Wii, 360 and PS3...Sony owns stock in that company. Loyalty has nothing to do with it. Its about what will give them the best return on their investments or what will put the money in their pockets.

Odion4019d ago

ya Leon.... your not funny

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Crazy Larry4019d ago

Konami would have gone bankrupt in the 80's if they thought otherwise. Whether MS, Sony, Nintendo, Konami, or's ALWAYS about money.

clownfacemcgee4019d ago

People are... well... human. We're all Homo Sapiens. We all live, breathe, and die. Including Kojima. He wants to make money (who doesn't) but he still bleeds red. Konami is comprised entirely by Homo Sapiens that bleed red. (especially the hemophiliacs) (ok, that was mean) They do want to sell their games, but they also want to make it look good and play well. They all have an interest one way or another of making their game kick @ss.

A long time ago, Squaresoft was deep in the hole. They had one last shot to make an RPG. They figured, just go balls to the wall, and don't give a 5hit if it costs exorbitant amounts of money. They called it Final Fantasy (sounds like a porno) and we all know where it goes from there. (yes this is true, you can Wikipedia it) (and Wikipedia never lies) (never) (ever)

So it's not always about money, because everyone is but a man. (except for 50% of the population)

incubus51874019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

honostly loyalty or being sold out or whatever you want to call it is what keeps a system going and will forever

i don't know why i got a disagree especially when it applies to halo and gears on xbox as much as it applies to final fantasy and god of war on playstation

SkyGamer4019d ago

The thing is that Microsoft owns Halo and the IP of GOW. sony owns god of war but only partial ip of final fantasy, however much stock they have in them. Still SE can choose to sell stock let's say to Microsoft and have them own more shares than sony. Only reason why FF hasn't jumped ship is that sony owns somewhere about 18 percent. SE is already sick of sony and if it weren't for their shares, they would have made the jump as well. Look at Last Remnant, it could be called Final Fantasy 14, that's how close it resembles it. SE knows that they have serious competition with Mistwalker. Mistwalker not only has the legendary Sakaguchi, they also acquired the sound and graphics talent from SE as well. What I find funny is that Microsoft is trying so hard to breach the rpg ahem jrpg market and sony is trying to breach into the fps market.

frostbite064019d ago

God of war and Halo have absolutely nothing to do with loyalty

darkdoom30004019d ago

Born on the Playstation, Die on the Playstation
(Im talking about Metal Gear Solid, not Metal Gear.)

It would be sad if it were to go multi, but at least MGS4 will make use of all the Ps3 has to offer!

go Ps3

i Shank u4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

the metal gear solid series has also been on gamecube, xbox, PSP, PC, maybe more idunno. please dont give me this born on PS, die on PS crap, they go multiplat eventually for the money man! MGS4 realistically will prob be PS3 exclusive for a year, then hit other systems. ill prob get a PS3 and play it, cause damn thats a long year(tho the substinance versions of MGS have had nice additions to them)

SkyGamer4019d ago

You forgot to mention NES and Gameboy (Color). What's funny is that MG and snake first appeared on a Nintendo console and you don't hear NES fanboys whine and complain. That is all I hear from fony fanboys, whine, whine, whine. They should step up to the plate and take that whine to who deserves it, fony for shafting their gamers.