Uncharted: Drake's Fortune E3 2007 Shootout Gameplay HD

New E3 Drake's Fortune E3 2007 shootout gameplay. Also available in HD following the link.

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TruthHurts3903d ago

should seriously stop.
i love that game, but i wish i didn`t watch that video.

Siesser3903d ago

And these are supposed to all be industry people at that; people who KNOW games. Seriously; I've never touched the game in my life, but I still know that there's supposed to be a cover mode (triangle). Isn't there supposed to be someone manning the booth explaining this stuff to people anyways? Or at least give them one of those little control diagrams you see at kiosks everywhere...

incubus51873903d ago

yeah i hate it when you watch somebody really make a game look stupid just by playing it retarded like... no offence but seriously they should have had somebody else play it

TruthHurts3903d ago

i couldn`t agree more.


cartman3133903d ago

Game is looking soooo good.

tehcellownu3903d ago

damn im goin to be broke this year

dodgefate3903d ago

The game looks sick but watching people like this play really makes it look bad...

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