The Top 10 E3 Stories

Kotaku's top 10 stories of E3, from MGS4 exclusivity to Killzone 2 & Halo 3 impressions.

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incubus51873723d ago

nucleus and a few trailers just showed up on the playstation store and if your a prince of persia fan i think i saw a sec of the prince towards the end of the E3 closing video also on the store.... tell me what you think

TruthHurts3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

People are ONLY talking about SONY.

@the desperado
"new good Sony news keeps coming in, hell, even bad news is being reversed"

that explains this week perfectly.

haha. is it broken? j/k

incubus51873723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

sorry man if i had an xbox then maybe i would talk about it

@truth hurts
lol no just didn't buy one i got a ps3

30ROCK3723d ago

PS3 fans have every reason to be riding this high - new good Sony news keeps coming in, hell, even bad news is being reversed - Madden is now 60fps.

ALIEN3723d ago

did a great job. I hope they keep doing it like that. By the way, i don't wanna see KZ2 finished, because my head is going to blow up.

daveman33723d ago

the nyko accessories seemed lame, another thing is why are people still complaining about the ps3's price, they dropped it $100, that's a good thing

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