Turok E3 07 Trailer HD

Crash land on a jungle planet filled with the most dangerous creatures known to man.

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Bloodmask3840d ago

is looking pretty good. I was a fan of the originals. I always thought it was interesting bc of the prehistoric settings.

Not to mention it has one of the coolest weapons ever in a FPS...the cerebral bore.

Rybnik3840d ago

Dude, I think you can ammend that "one of the coolest weapons in ANY game type" LOLs.

dachiefsman3840d ago

what are the chances of the cerebral bore showing up?

MK_Red3840d ago

I still kinda miss the fantasy feel of old Turok games but this one looks and plays cool. Not a bad trailer.

Rhezin3840d ago

hope they have the arsenal of weapons that would be so frikin sweet

mmike8553840d ago

I will always remember the interesting atmosphere of the original Turok, and even in the second one (with the RAM expansion pak!) and the backstory that outlines your spiritual mission. Hopefully this one wont be completely like "just another war-game, but with dinosaurs." At first I wasn't very impressed by the gameplay, but now, in its latest build, I'd have to say they might be up to something over there.

sak5003840d ago

I coudn't see the game properly it was very dark in the trailer. I hope they make the Dinos as cool as they were in Trespasser but with next gen makeover.

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