Straight from the heart of E3: A G.A.P. member's take on the PlayStation® p

In the words of the Game Advisory Panel Member.

"I was incredibly excited for the PlayStation E3 presentation. I felt that PlayStation could prove to everyone that they are definitely a leader in the videogame industry. From the start of the presentation you could tell that there was a different attitude in the air. Gone was the arrogance from past conferences, and in its place seemed a more relaxed, jovial attitude. Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc ("SCEA"), made jokes about being nervous talking in front of everyone. The focus shifted from "of course everyone will want this," to an attitude of "this is what we're offering, don't you want to be a part of this?" Here are my highlights of what I loved at the conference."

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hazeblaze3905d ago

Sony came out of E3 the talk of the town. They've convinced a lot of people that were on the fence that they really are about creating awesome game experiences.

The only system that I wasn't that impressed with by the end of E3 is the Wii. I really do wonder how long its sales will stay up... but then again, I think they are really drawing in the non-traditional gamers which is cool. And I did like what I saw of MP.

timmyp533905d ago

That MGS4 trailer was so kool... Raiden was so smooth he stabbed Vamp with those knives in his foot and then he stabbed hisself just to hurt him.. Vamp still wasnt dead lol

ALIEN3905d ago

SONY did a great job at E3. They were acting normal as it should be.

the_round_peg3905d ago

Unfortunately, the arrogance returned as soon as the conference was over.

Wile3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )


*cough* Peter Dille *cough*

That man should take a few pages from the Peter Moore handbook. (ie Moore's hat's off comment about KZ)

30ROCK3905d ago

Nintendo's arrogance has gone through the roof! After a little temporary fad sale, they decide they can outsell PS2! They won't last long, it's their arrogance that brought them down in the first place. Their arrogance, and Sony's competence. Looks like history is repeating itself.

Wile3905d ago

Of course you think it warranted. nuff said.

bluebrad19743905d ago

lol i thought this was a Sony Protection Group production...who farted?

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The story is too old to be commented.