One G.A.P. Member Survives the Killzone 2 Demo at E3

In the words of the Game Advisory Panel member:

" I roll up to a small joint in Santa Monica called Sushi Roku for an exclusive KILLZONE 2 event. Supposedly, my name is on a list to get in, and when I do get in, I'm wondering how my name got on that list. Sushi Roku is candlelit enough to see the waiters coming at me with hors d'oeuvres. They're awesome, but not so much as the bar with sushi chefs waiting to hand make whatever and however much sushi I please. I recognize developers, some members of the domestic and foreign press, and Kaz Hirai. The open bar keeps people talking until the first announcement is made to preview KILLZONE 2. I look at my wristband, and they're calling my color. We're led past a life-size Helghast into a small theater with comfortable seats. Everyone's quiet as they gaze upon the projection screen. There are no cameras allowed. It starts.

The first thing that I could say about about KILLZONE 2 is that during the entire presentation I thought that I was watching a prerecorded video"

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Maddens Raiders3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

-- "Something that really stands out is the smoothness of the gameplay. As you reach checkpoints, the wait time is minimal and objectives queue up, like taking down an extremely well-armored, Gatling gun-toting Helghast. There are pillars to take cover from his assault, but they disappear quickly when he discovers my position. Getting personal seems to work best as the shots to his face force him to stumble, revealing his weak point...."

-- " ....I was one of the last guys out of Sushi Roku. I talked to some amazing people. I got a few business cards. And for a regular game fan off the street, I have some awesome memories and a story that's hard to believe. But then again, some people don't believe in magic." --

....This game will torment me guys until I have it in my hands. Yeah, it's like that...I've been waiting for three + years now and Guerilla did it. It's still hard to believe, but they actually did it. It still gives me goosebumps. Mart -y tell the guys back home in the good 'ol Netherlands that Madden's Raiders says, Thank You!


@six - thanks mate

EZCheez3903d ago

I can't even count how many times I have watched this trailer. I made my wife watch it with me, and even she thinks its amazing (she is a credible source because she actually likes video games too).

Did you read this guy's bio? "I like ......,....,....., and girls."


SIX3903d ago

and I know how you feel. It feels really good. Bubble for you.

ALIEN3903d ago

DAMN! i can't wait till i get my hands on KZ2, it's going to be crazy. Like you guys said', it feels good, it feels like if you put some 24's on a brand new car, it feels like your flying. DAMN!

weekapaugh3903d ago

wait, did he say he rolled up a small joint? I mean isn't that how all video games should be played.

timmyp533903d ago

everything* was in-game from start to begginnin... no load times. The transporter landed and u got got off exactly like the CG trailer. (*Applauds* Guerilla Games)


well the ps3 was made to do cg and blend it with realtime, so its no suprise like i have said, and this isnt even the tip of the iceburg for ps3, so get ready for even more

harpua3903d ago

dammmmm, that is one fine looking avatar...

Maddens Raiders3903d ago

I like your comments, but man....I LOVE your avatar. *sigh*

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