DX10 Round-up: Hey, Microsoft! Where are the DirectX 10 games?

Gamespot posts:
"Hey, Microsoft! Where's all that graphical excellence you promised us with Windows Vista and DirectX 10? That's probably what a lot of us are wondering after we eagerly snapped up copies of Windows Vista at the beginning of the year. It's already July and we've only seen slightly modified DirectX 9 games with extra rocks on the ground and slower frame rates. Where are those advanced particle effects and geometry-shader effects we've been promised?

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FordGTGuy4021d ago

its up to the gaming companies to start utilizing it.

Cook1eMan4020d ago

It's totally up to the developers to utilize DX10. To say they havent commited to their promise is only half true. Although there are only a couple games that have the DX10 patch now it's a good start. Like anything when you release something new and ground breaking you have to give the developers time to create their games. Games to come out around fall will start to become more and more compatible as developers get adjusted to the new level that they must meet. You just have to e patient; it's like expecting a sequal toa game thats been out 2 months.

Kyur4ThePain4020d ago

If you know what I mean. ;)

Ghoul4020d ago

Sorry but its MS fault whats hapening here.

To be precise DX10 and Vista is just another rushed System.
They made peopele believe that Vista and DX is needed for the Games "NOW". Wich is utter bullshit. Also they force you to buy vista for theyre new games "shadowrun halo2" wich definatly DONT need dx10, just to selll more copies of vista.

DX10 is a completet showoff so far and shouldnt have come out a single day earlier than packet together with a copy of crysis hence its only game utilizing this tech.

Im just getting sick of microsoft to FORCE people buying new technology for the same type of experience. Where would i need dx10 and therefore vista for HAlo2 ??? the game looks very very bad

Way to go MS for DX10 is biggest fault in pc gaming in the last 10 years so far. People bought dx10 video cards (8800 etc.) Far before even DX10 was available with vista. And since then its just a sore joke what these people got for theyre money.

One year of useless technology couse ms made you (once again) believe theyre stories.

btw i did not jump the dx10 train still on the 7950gx2 card.

FordGTGuy4020d ago

Vista has been in development for over 5+ years that isn't rushed. Get your facts straight before you talk crap.

Ghoul4020d ago

nice try mate but im not talking crap.

Vista is unfinished in every way. It is the best windows sure its allways the same the latest build is the best, but its still FAAAAR from good or even finished.

DX10 is a reason to make people buy vista thats all for now.
A new system should be launched together with the Programs utilizing it.

We had to wait up to 6 months for certain Drivers or Software patches to even make OLDER software funktionable.

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