Star Trek Online's Next Playable Faction

Bright Hub Writes: "Star Trek Online developer Cryptic recently posted a poll for players, asking them to vote on the game's next playable faction. This of course has stirred up a great deal of both debate and interest, as players argue over the merits of one particular faction over another and push people to vote for their personal choice.

Each of the five listed factions, the Borg, Romulans, Dominion, Cardassians, and Horta, has its own pros and cons, and each (with the possible exception of the Horta) would probably make an excellent addition to the STO universe.

Check out our take on each of the factions and their potential pros and cons."

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Muckbeast2903d ago

Pretty exciting stuff.

Borg as a playable race seems like a pretty poor idea.

Dominion... wow.

cyguration2903d ago

with the Cardassians seems interesting.

gonzodamus2902d ago

Damn, I wanted to make that joke!

gonzodamus2902d ago

Wait.... you can be the Horta? Seriously? Alright, I'm interested.