Mario Party 8 Pulled From UK Shelves

Stephany of Gaming Today explains why Mario Party 8 for the Nintendo Wii has been pulled from shelves in the UK.

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unsunghero283969d ago

The word "spastic" is politically incorrect in the UK apparently and the game used it.

But I agree, MP8 was a letdown.

Bloodmask3969d ago

Miyamoto. Degrading the physicly challenged.

KnowitAll3969d ago

This game has sold 500k+ in the usa alone and no one brags about that. huh huh.... Man Im tired...

" Miyamoto. Degrading the physicly challenged."
ha thats funny you get a 1 agree / 1 bubble/ 1 dissagree / pat in the back/ another dissagre.

unsunghero283969d ago

Sounds like someone's excited for Manhunt 2!