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Fallout: New Vegas - Details and Screenshots!

The city is New Vegas. It’s a busy place that’s being fought over by warring factions. You’re there to kick ass, take names, and run around the desert with your wolf-pack looking for strippers and cocaine. Ok, so there might not be any cocaine or strippers, but the rest of it will be a part of Fallout: New Vegas. (Bethesda Softworks, Fallout: New Vegas, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
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jon1234  +   1885d ago
it says now with 100% more screenshots, but 100% of what??
Megaton  +   1885d ago
They're all old anyways. Came in here hoping for actual new screenshots, but I shoulda known. Every article about this game from the past couple months has had nothing but old stuff when claiming "new".
ShinMaster  +   1885d ago
Looks nothing like Vegas except for one or two placed signs
It has the same ugly graphic/visual design as the third game.
Everything is so deserted and very monotonous...
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Rainstorm81  +   1885d ago
More Fallout = Win
Fallout 3 + DLC still has me playing

Edit@disagree: I guess Fallout:New Vegas shouldnt have me excited.

Really some of you guys need to lay off the disagree button
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execution17  +   1885d ago
i stopped playing mine because mine kept freezing every 20 steps or so... everything was clear sailing until i hit level 26 then it became unplayable for me... 4 trophies short for 100% :( idk about the 360 though yet to try the DLC on there
Legosz  +   1885d ago
Yeah i got mine on 360 instead because of all the glitches the PS3 had, I hope they cleared them up.
d10sfan  +   1885d ago
That site is a little late. Those screenshots have been out for at least a week now.
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neilmacengi   1885d ago | Spam
IVYvsTAKI  +   1885d ago
I wanna play Fallout 3 again...
Kingdom Come  +   1885d ago
Game looks great, Not suprised by that...
I just hoping that since there is no major leap graphics wise, that the game is perhaps a bit longer than Fallout 3 (I'm not saying that I had a problem with Fallout 3's length because I'm still playing it now), this way I wont find myself waiting for DLC, game looks great, looking forward to seeing how different the game will be in a partially but mainly intact world.
AliTheBrit19  +   1885d ago
I got to be honest, it still looks like Fallout 3

But thats OK.
MexicanAppleThief  +   1885d ago
Well, that's obvious since they're using the same engine. But this game will be sooo much better than F3.
Letros  +   1885d ago
Mods man, mods! Should be some high res texture packs out very soon after release.
TANUKI  +   1885d ago
Ohhh yea. Definitely looking forward to what the modding community will come up with.

Which reminds me, I have to go place a pre-order for this.
eccothedolphin7  +   1885d ago
More Fallout 3 is a good thing!
I hear and see people complaining that New Vegas looks too much like Fallout 3. Dear sir, ma'am, or otherwise, "Please shut up!"

I want more fallout! Fallout 3 was a great game, and if this is more of the same then I will be a very happy camper!
neogeo  +   1885d ago
I want some green
great game needs some plants
Numark  +   1885d ago
a game needs to have plants to be great? Really?
TheFreak  +   1885d ago
cant wait for this game. Fallout 3 is 1 out of 3 games that i have a platinum trophy. Wonder wich system I will get it on... Bought fallout 3 on ps3, but I didnt own a 360 then.
CaitSith2  +   1885d ago
Fallout 3 was a great game!
One of the best RPG's this generation. I will buy this game in a heartbeat! ^^

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