Sessler's Soapbox: Assassin's Creed Demo

Dear Internet,

Adam Sessler would like to respond to your unduly rough response to the unfinished Assassin's Creed Demo. It seems that there was some slight code glitches in the unifished game that set you off. It would do you well to listen to the Good Doctor Sessler.

Check out this video, and give him your ear.

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kornbeaner3997d ago

I thought the game shown was pretty good as shown. Having been part of a team on some beta projects you see a lot of this. It really doesn't surprise me that there are still bugs left in the game considering that the build they showed us was probably close to 3 months old. The game as of right now is probably way better then what they have shown us at E3.

They showed us this build cause out of everything they are working on right now it's probably the most complete one they have. And outside of that guy just floating in the air there was nothing wrong with the game itself the character movement look great and graphics looked nice as well.

If you were one of those people who passed judgment on whether this game was good and worth a purchase based on the E3 showing, Shame on You!

sony fan3997d ago

There was an article on here earlier taht said the demo was rushed because Halo 3 demo was not ready, according to that article this demo is very new and recent.

HowarthsNJ3997d ago

We all know the game isn't finished, but to put the rushed demo on center stage was a mistake. It made a bad impression no matter what the reality of the situation was. The game will be cool, but I don't think it will make the holiday season bug free. Better they work on it into 2008 IMO.

As for Adam, he has no credibility anymore. He blew that over the last year with all of his anti-Sony BS on X-play. They trashed Motorstorm for one while every other respected game site praised it. It's a good game that didn't deserve that kind of smear.

Now he's telling us not to express our opinions for fear of chasing off future demos? He certainly doesn't spare us his useless opinions.

People are going to speak their minds, that's how this whole thing works. Sony knows that all too well.

Daewoodrow3997d ago

agreed. For an unfinished game, the elements are looking quite nice. You can see the people paying attention to you more when you start acting odd, and with some tweaks to the hitbox that bumping will look quite smooth.
I'm impressed with the game it's going to be.

pshizle3997d ago

Jades laugh is so funny

by the way i do agree with Adam

oh ya and im getting this game

Bloodmask3997d ago

I am impressed by the game. It is a very unique story, and also a new IP. Something that is a risk for all producers.

I think people have been far too hard on it. It is a work in progress so of course there are going to be bugs. My Kudos goes to you Ubi and Jade Raymond for bringing us a truly great game.

ALIEN3997d ago

The game isn't finish yet. That's all i have to say. I agree with Adam.

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The story is too old to be commented.