Madden 08 Dev - PS3 Version will run at 60 fps.

Kendall Boyd, one of the lead developer and producer of NCAA 08 on nex gen consoles has confirmed in a interview that Madden 08 will run at 60 fps. However The PS3 version of NCAA 08 will ...

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Blankman4027d ago

so peter moore lied saying it would run twice as fast on xbox or dis guy is lying. Which ever way madden comes out in about a month. Don't see how they can be confusing such so late in development. Oh well bring on madden 08.

sony fan4027d ago

Becaue this site is sony advertising, that is why it is set up to only let the news they approve in. A whole site made to look real just to bash the 360, thats sony,

Mycococo4027d ago

more was saying madden was running 2X as fast as last years game! he wasnt trying to compare microsoft with sony at all.

InMyOpinion4026d ago

It was EA who said it, not Peter Moore.

TheXgamerLive4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

If Madden really runs at 60 for sony, I'll be shocked.

kingboy4027d ago

Dude he confirms Madden 08 for ps3 will run at 60 fps

sony fan4027d ago

Of course 60FPS means less detail. If they changed this to run 60 at the last minute the details may be all screwed up.

Why o why4027d ago

read it slower. Dont care about madden or the other 1 because i love real football. joke but its all about Pro Evo

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Bloodmask4027d ago

How come Madden is at 60 FPS for PS3, but NCAA is only at 30 FPS. These 2 games look like they run on the exact same engine.

sticky doja4027d ago

More manpower and the best programmers on Madden because it sells more copies.

Omegasyde4027d ago


NFL is 1 step above College. That's why it runs at at a faster FPS.

Real men play at 60fps not 30.


pwnsause4027d ago

WTH, make up your damn minds already, they will still give us trash cause its EA

aiphanes4027d ago

60 FPS on madden 08 on the PS3...yes...

Lifendz4026d ago

if it was inferior to the 360 version. I'm not buying anymore bad ports. But now, oh I can see me picking up Madden. Man this is great. It was going to suck to not have a football game this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.