Preview: God of War: Chains of Olympus

GamePro were skeptical about Chains of Olympus. The first God of War for the PSP has a lot to live up to. With the PSP competing against the booming DS, an awesome God of War action game is just what the Sony doctor ordered. But could it possibly be as good as the console games?


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MK_Red4027d ago

Sony should have released the GOW PSP much sooner. This could have seriously help the earlier sales.
The game looks good and the new team is a acclaimed one but I still fear that analog and animation problems may hurt the game but there's much time left before release, maybe all of problems are issued and the final game is a true God Of War on PSP.
Cant wait for both GOW:CoO and GOW3.

Shaka2K64027d ago

I love this game its already looking better then GoW2 for PS2 well obviously PSP is more powerfull but damn. PSP keeps getting hotter and hotter with time.

darkvenom4027d ago

can't wait to try out the demo.

Bloodmask4027d ago

series = 1 of Sony's best first party franchises. Can't wait for this one.