Confirmed: PS3 Price Drop Temporary

Senior Public Relations Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment America, Patrick Seybold, has substantiated this news to IGN: the 60GB will not be continued in North America, either. In effect, this means the $100 price drop is only temporary.

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nextgengaming183995d ago

that is 80 gb version isn't a price drop?

sony fan3995d ago

I don't know how this could be true. It would be very beneficial for sony to have lower priced SKUs but if they keep adding stuff and keeping the price up, that is just not near as effective as a price drop. What is going on? I bet the japs laugh every time we send our american money their way instead of buying american. They hate us and won't touch our products. I guess some americans just prefer asia to rule the market and control us.

Maddens Raiders3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

you give real SNE fans a bad, bad name. Please move on imposter; the act's up - you're finished. It's pretty sad that you have to try and emulate a Sony fan in order to talk trash; now that's flattery son.

BTW - you're sky is falling, Office of Homeland Security style "xenophobia" regarding the "j-a-p-s" & how our American money is giving them a larger marketshare just shows how insecure your backwards, hick a$$ really is. (all others please ignore) maybe the American computer entertainment product offering just doesn't stack up quality wise in other parts of the world right now, yeah? Maybe?

This just in........the Japanese are kings of the gaming industry you friggin' neandrethal until history proves otherwise. Ever heard of Nintendo you dirty douche? Get a life --- better yet, get educated and some culture, and then get your own life. =]


sony fan3995d ago

LOL again somebody thinks I really am a sony fan, HA. It is supposed to be obvious that I am not. What I do is point out the retardedness of fan-boyism. And it just goes right over your head. It is fan-boys like you that give me material.

Also Known As3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

SONY must be a foreign word that means "to lie"

MADGameR3995d ago

SONY themselves said that the 80GB version will be $600 and the 60GB version will be $500. This article is just a lie.

dukajoe3995d ago

Good, you're a retarded racist--we don't want you

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Monchichi0253995d ago

Only Sony...Only Sony.......

fenderputty3995d ago

Let's just wait and see though. For the meantime, the PS3 is a great deal for the 60gig model. Once things deplete, they said they would talk about pricing strategy but, not until then. To me that means, the 80 gig will also come down. Not everyone wants motorstorm and just taking that game out of the package would decrease the price.

Loudninja3995d ago

Peopel made a big deal otu of nothing, come on man several months.SO why people panic for?

risk3994d ago

This is all marketing:

say that i dropped ps3 price to 400$ and said hey guys this is limited time offer. now most people will be like omg the prices are going to rise again, ill go buy one right now! which makes it a smart deal by sony to get those waiting for a price cut to go and buy a ps3 right now rather then waiting.

Bloodmask3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

You can't announce a price drop and then take it away. Oh wait, you can, and then everyone is pissed.

The ball has officially been dropped.

nextgengaming183995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

60 gb ps3's will cost 500 $'s until it is depleted. This means that the 60 gb had a price cut. The 80 gb version will include a game for 600's. They aren't taking it away. Also, how do you have 8 bubbles?

Sangheili853995d ago

nextgengaming18 didn't you read it? ""The 60GB PS3 will be available in North America for $499 until supplies of that unit are depleted," Not forever. Untill they sale what they have left. Then they won't sale them here in the states anymore.

drtysouf213995d ago

Sony being doomed and all that. The truth is no one knows whats going to happen and how this will effect Sony. No one here can tell the future. Besides if you think about it demand may go up because people will want to get the PS3 at its cheapest possible price. Who are we to say Sony won't drop the price of the 80GB when the time is right? They aren't going to announce it now just like they waited till the last minute to announce the 60GB price drop. They want sales now they don't want people to wait. Also whose to say they don't have other promotions or tricks up their sleeve. Sony has been bashed since the beginning and after GDC things started to turn around and E3 came and Sony showed us how much potential they have and now all of a sudden everyone is saying they are doomed. Sony has been in the business for over 60 years. They know what they are doing and have a long-term plan. They will react to the market and their fans accordingly. Nothing is set in stone.

eLiNeS3995d ago

then this came out, I am so confused!?!?! Then I went back to buy one again and the guy at Best Buy said don't buy it right now because after all the 60 GB sell out the 80 GB will drop $200 from what the computer is showing with out a game. What should I do? I guess I will wait when there is more games out for the PS3 and see what happens.

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