Devil May Cry 4 E3 2007 Producer Interview

The producer of the game talks about the new powers Nero will be wielding through his monstrous adventure.

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Mr_Kuwabara3902d ago

When they announced this for the PS3 a long time ago I was so hyped about it that I wanted to buy a PS3 just for it. But like now there's so many new games like Heavenly Sword, Lair and such that they just overshadowed teh hypness.

Meh just thinking out loud.

kewlkat0073902d ago

when it was announced for the Xbox 360, the hype went flat. Were you alive, did you see the petitions, and the crys?

I would get this game on either platform, sh!t it looks good. How can you be excited for heavenly sword and not this game?

Capcom, still my fav influential developers.

Satanas3902d ago

I'm still definitely getting this but-

Bold statement to make at the end of the video! I hope the game is actually that good then, I'm holding that statement to the producer.

gunnerforlife3902d ago

the graphics dont look next gen but dmc has never been about graphics more about game play, thats the reason i am going too get this game, true the hype has gone for this game the same could be said about me but it dont mean u shouldent get it;)