Konami Updates EU Release Dates - PES 2008. MGS4 and more

Konami Digital Entertainment has released an updated release dates for Europe. The titles with revised dates include PES 2008, Hellboy:Science of Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill Origins and more after the jump.

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darkdoom30003725d ago

this is awesome, MGS4 comming out 1st quarter 2008! thats a lot quicker than i thought...hopefully there will be a playable version @ TGS

go Konami!

riqued3725d ago

It will be! Kojima told there will be =)

TriggerHappy3725d ago

There will be a playable version. Kojima San confirmed it at E3

Satanas3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

PlayStation Premiere is to have an MGS4 demo, which Kojima is to play.

Also, the trailer said "Simultaneous Worldwide Release," so the EU release should be the same for Japan and North America.

ALIEN3725d ago

to download MGS4 demo.