Why I Sold My Wii

"Why? I’m not sure I can pin it on any one thing, but I can narrow it down to the following: lack of achievements, lack of cohesive online play, lack of HD, waning interest in motion control, and a tiring of Nintendo characterizations. Let’s look into this a bit more." via Tym Kaywork, author of this post and writer at Platform Nation.

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playstation_clan2871d ago

i buy only one game a year for it, which usually is an Italian plumber but the wii doesnt fail like the other consoles, which i like. For every one wii that fails there are hundreds of ps3s and millions of xbox 360 that fails. Just wanted to let you know, this is a true statement.

HolyOrangeCows2871d ago

I sold mine not too long after I got it, and I SORTA regret it. I mean, games like Super Mario Galaxy make me regret it slightly, but otherwise Wii hasn't really had a steady stream of games to keep me entertained.

"Lack of achievements"
....seriously? I mean, the other reasons are reasonable enough, but this is just stupid.

SaiyanFury2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

I too, was a Nintendo gamer in my early days from the NES to the SNES. The original PlayStation console's games seemed a logical evolution of things I'd played on my SNES. Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII, and many others that appealed to me appeared on Sony's original grey console. I did play some games on the N64 and some of them were grand and original, and were great leadoffs of others on the SNES. StarFox 64, Pilotwings 64, and a few others really appealed to me. But since I moved to the PS consoles, I've never been a fan of Nintendo's properties. The GameCube saw a few titles I was really interested in, the biggest of which were Tales of Symphonia and the original Metal Gear Solid remake.

That said, the Wii's lack of achievements doesn't dissuade me from the system. What drives me from it is the waggle tendency of main games like Tenchu 4. A series in which surgical precision is a necessity, gets relegated to an imprecise waggle, doesn't work for me and makes the game very unattractive. Also, HD doesn't make a game. But great games with great content, stories coupled to modern HD standards help me to make a choice of which console to buy. 480p looks really crappy on my 61" 1080p HDTV. 720p and 1080p do not.

I don't play games online in any form, except Demon's Souls where people can help you pass obstacles and bosses. Aside from that, I've heard that the Wii has horrendous online support. The whole "friend code" thing is really backwards and doesn't promote security. In fact, it adds a big headache to online play.

On the motion control, I'm not disinterested in it, but the Wii's inherent lack of precision really killed it for me. Replacing a button press with a waggle that doesn't register is a big no for me. :)

Trey_4_life2871d ago

Reason i sold my Wii..........Because it's a standard definition POS. If i wanted to still game in SD then i would get my ps2 out which ironically has better graphics on most games than the piss (Wii).

mikeslemonade2871d ago

I want to sell mine but the stupid Wii came with too many accessories that I would have to go find. It's not worth the trouble i'm too lazy. And you're not missing out on super mario galaxy because Super Mario Sunshine truly is just as good. I'd say it's better than Galaxy actually.

presto7172871d ago

But I am disappointed nintendo did not go hd like Microsoft and Sony this gen. Just imagine if there was another hd console in the mix. Motion controls could have waited. Sony throws down God of War and Uncharted. Microsoft says gears and halo. Nintendo would have been like "AHA" Full HD, solid online, kick ass sound Zelda and Metroid.

All the potential variety gone down the drain.....Instead they went for 480p and nunchucks.

digitaledge2871d ago

If Nintendo HAD gone down the HD road with the Wii, they would be in 3rd place. It's pretty much a sad fact. Looking at the GC, which more technically more superior to the PS2 (and almost on par with the Xbox), it's clear to see that Nintendo had to do something different than just competing technically.

Nintendo needed to do something that would let them launch at a low price, have something that the HD twins didn't (motion control), in order to try to achieve a good market penetration. That, you would assume, would lead to greater 3rd party support - which is something Nintendo needed considering that they lost so much.

So if Nintendo HAD gone HD from the start, 3rd party support would have been equal to (or less) than 3rd party support on the GC, which wouldn't have been a good scenario for Nintendo.

And besides, what is the consumer advantage to having pretty much 3 identical systems anyway?

Reibooi2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )


you kind of doomed yourself in your own statement. The GC didn't fail solely because it was a more technically advanced console. It failed because of the lack of 3rd party support which was a direct result of the name Nintendo has built for itself. It's a known fact Nintendo no matter how much they try to change this is seen as the Video Game Company for Kids. They have tried to change that impression with games like Metroid Prime and the darker more mature Zelda games but it just doesn't work.

Back on the GC games that were aimed at a older audience failed despite having big names like Resident Evil 4(which is now pretty much every where else so they could get the game the sales it deserved) MGS Twin Snakes and so on and so forth.

Jump ahead to this gen and the motion control that you seem to think is the saving grace of the Wii. There are plenty of GOOD and in some cases GREAT games that use the controls to their fullest(No more Hero's and Madworld for example) and yet no one buys them. The reason is the stigma on the name of Nintendo. People still see them as the childish company. And to be honest how could they not when they make nothing but Mario and Wii Mii games and cutesy stuff while you see a metroid or zelda once every 4-5 years.

N4g_null2870d ago

From a dev perspective. The GC did not fail because of the kiddy image. Dev had to put so much money into PS2 development that they simply had to stay there. The DVD adoption insured you would have an audience also. So every one stayed with SONY. The whole kiddy things was a smoke screen. Nintendo does not have a kiddy image now since grow adults are now playing games even grand parents.

What is really funny is it was more expensive to make GC games in the beginning also, on top of this no one wanted to compete with nintendo for sales period. Most devs know their strength and it is not in arcade game play.

Nintendo did not help this image with mario party. Yet seriously GOW and Uncharted are not selling as well as a mario 5 or mario kart.

Plus I have games like sin and pun 2 coming which would have never got the OK on an HD machine. Red steel 2 is awesome yet MS gives us red ball LOL and for sony we get conduit controls dropped on top of a socom. I'm not a fan of GOW or uncharted.

Also if you had gotten a HDtv that is good at out putting SD content at HD levels like my samsungs then you would not have that problem.

Now if no HDtv out put did the wii justice then you would have a point. Also you guys forget console gaming is for the kids and kids at heart. What man hood protective male would play a game console, maybe a PC but a game console?

I'm glad you guys like your HD console though cuz it keeps the money flowing. I know I couldn't reproduce nintendo's game play right now LOL like most other devs.

MTEC82871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

as well.
The online play is horrible and no voice chat,adding friends was a pain in the ass. Lack of games that interested me, the little ones in the house also gave up on it and they were the reason why we bought it the first place. Oh and Mario Kart was a big disappointing, I would take MK64 or Double Dash any day.

zireno2871d ago

I have thought about selling my wii, but the fact that I'll never be able to play a Zelda game on any other console besides nintendo's is what is and will stop me from selling it :( . I couldn't care less for mario games, super smash bros, metroid.... So yeah, my wii is just an expensive paperweight until nintendo releases the next zelda. In the mean time I'll just continue to play with my PS3.

Lou-Cipher2871d ago

I sold mine too.

I can live without online features on the Wii, but I cant tolerate playing games using motion controls.

It doesn't matter what games they come out with, if I have to play them using Motion Controls I want nothing to do with them.

sid4gamerfreak2871d ago

good i didn't buy a wii, saved my money for a good investment...a gaming rig...

El Botto2871d ago

Did he just say he sold his wii...I mean he sold his wii THREE years after everyone else got pissed off about it for the lack of games, lack of online, lack of fun, and overall boredom?

Welcome to 2007, son. The year where everyone else who werent dumb, sold off their wiis and bought a PS3.

ABizzel12871d ago

I sold my Wii because 90% of the good game are made by Nintendo, but we only get about 3 or 4 games from Nintendo per year, which only 2 of the 4 will keep my interest. 2 games per year just doesn't cut it for me, so my Wii had to go. I'll think about getting another this fall if a new Zelda comes out, next price drop, or when the new consoles get ready to drop, by then there should be a decent library of games for me.

MmaFanQc2870d ago

sry to burst your bubble, but my wii have to be replaced because of a WELL KNOW ARTIFACTING yeah the wii also fail.

simply google wii+artifacting

and the overheat have nothing to do with the problem, the defectives gpu is to blame

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ape0072871d ago

I 80% agree with this article but the other percentage remains in the awe inspiring mario galaxy 2, mario galaxy 2 will be amazing

WorseCase2871d ago

Mario Galaxy is nothing but Ratchet And Clank..

ChickeyCantor2870d ago

" Mario Galaxy is nothing but Ratchet And Clank.. "

And so the future of the "history of gaming" knowledge has gone to hell with the new generation of gamers.

electricshadow2871d ago

Online play and HD graphics are important for me. I know, graphics don't make a game great, it's the gameplay, but good graphics make the game game more enjoyable for me. I HATE motion controls. Sure, it was cool when it first came out, but I'm tired of it now. I remember trying to play Red Steel and I hated every second of it. Maybe if the Wii had a better online system, better exclusives, and HD capability, I would still have mine as well. I'm a hardcore gamer, not a casual gamer. Which is why I chose the PS3.

Aphe2871d ago

I'm a hardcore gamer which is why I have the wii and the ps3 and a decent libary of games for each one. I also have a son who can't play 90% of the games I have on the ps3 so the wii comes in handy there as well.

Seekerofthewind2871d ago

Achievements and HD resolution are not a big deal to me personally. Online is a problem, but Monster Hunter Tri shows that the Wii can have a game with good online. I know that motion controls aren't for everyone, and that's fine. As for the tiring of Nintendo characters...that's another dividing line between myself and the author. I've honestly viewed Nintendo characters as a breath of fresh air in this obsessively-M-Rated game generation. There are exceptions, obviously, but there are way too many games nowadays that focus on blood, gore, and 'edgyness' for my tastes.

Then again, that's one of the reasons that I won't be selling my Wii any time soon. A majority of the exceptions are on Nintendo's little white box.

NexGen2871d ago

Oh please don't sell your Wii's!

I charge both my psp and ps3 controllers on it thanks to the always on usb ports in the back! Scrape off that dust and you will find that it makes a wonderful accessory charger!

True story btw

Aphe2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Don't know about you but I just use my ps3 to charge my controller. Unless you just don't play your ps3 enough.

NexGen2871d ago

The slim doesn't charge when it's off, and 6 feet of cable is sitting way too close to the tv.