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GUCommander2719d ago

very cool. I wonder which pokemon they will be!

cain1412719d ago

I'm currious as well. Hopefully something cool

randomwiz2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I'm just taking a wild guess here. I'm guessing one will be a fire type, one will a be grass type, and one will be a water type.

But on serious note, I hope they're better than the diam/pearl starters. The d/p starters were disappointing for me. In my opinion, they didn't look cool.

ZombieNinjaPanda2719d ago

This describes every single pokemon starter.

Oh btw, it looks like another fire lizard, grass turtle, and I think another water penguin.


xTruthx2719d ago

The first 1 is fire, the second one grass and the third one water, thats my opinion tho. It looks like they are not gonna look good lol, hope I'm wrong

subzero-082719d ago

Eh, it's the final evolutionary form that really counts.

xHarvey2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

The first one is fire(Flame Tail) and the third one has like a paddle for a tail so im assuming its water. The middle one can only be grass.

Edit: anyone noticed their impersonation of Hitler?

subzero-082719d ago

They look like a lizard, a pig, and an otter. Could be pretty cool.

-Mezzo-2719d ago

Boy look at All the Drama going on in the Report section. :P

Solidus187-SCMilk2719d ago

They are reporting this???? cant be.

LOL. I havent played pokemon since blue/red but to me it looks like:

1. A fire duck/dinosaur thing
2. A plant rabbit
3. A water beaver

Nitrowolf22719d ago

these look familair
for some reason i see cydiquil, that penguin starter and that turtle starter, just different

XabiTheHumble2718d ago

The one on the left is grass (obviously); the one in the middle is water and the last one is fire. Pretty simple to figure out people.

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